Week 1 Assignment Evaluate Sources of Stress in Your Life ARELIS Paper

Week 1 Assignment Evaluate Sources of Stress in Your Life ARELIS Paper

Week 1 Assignment Evaluate Sources of Stress in Your Life ARELIS Paper


Sample Summary Table


Category Stressor Reason Event is Stressful

Family Issues


Marital dissatisfaction

This is an emerging experience in our relationship. My spouse is continuously becoming dissatisfied with my behaviors, her response is characterized by criticism, yelling, and stonewalling. This situation is causing a lot of dissatisfaction and stress. Marital dissatisfaction is a common problem in most families (Brown et al., 2020). It can impact one’s health as studies have shown that people who are unhappy in their marriage are more likely to experience physical health problems (Kwaah & Essilfie, 2017).
  Home chaos This is a new behavior and my spouse is greatly involved in it. Home chaos is as a result of lack of effective communication (Fulkerson et al., 2019). This has led to resentment and further communication problems.
  Financial stress Given my unstable job which is characterized by little income, I often feel depressed given the increased family demands. Low income has also led to disagreements about money matters with my spouse. Lack of stable employment with adequate income often leads to financial difficulties. In some cases, financial stress may be caused by factors such as job loss, unexpected bills, or debt (Stevenson et al., 2020). In other cases, it may be caused by disagreements about money matters within the family.

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Week 1 Assignment Evaluate Sources of Stress in Your Life ARELIS Paper

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Job stress Heavy workload at the workplace











Job insecurity


























Conflicts with co-workers or bosses


































Inflexible working hours

 I often feel overworked given the huge responsibilities assigned to me. At times, I work overtime without any extra pay. My continuous involvement in heavy workloads often cause stress that extends to the family levels (Sadiq, 2020).

I work in an organization where job security is not guaranteed, in addition, there are always constant threats from employers. In my situation, Job insecurity leads to fear of losing employment and insignificant income that cannot sustain the family. Financial stress can have a number of negative consequences for families. It can lead to arguments and conflict, and it can also contribute to feelings of anxiety and depression (Soelton et al., 2020). Financial stress can also have a negative impact on relationships within the family.


With the unfair working environment, I often have to quarrel with co-workers and bosses who are not ready to listen to my demands, this often become stressful particularly when they become stubborn. Conflicts with co-workers or bosses often results from heavy workloads, long working hours and as well as job insecurity. Conflicts with co-workers or bosses may also result from financial problems (Anand & Vohra, 2019). There are a number of things one can do to reduce the impact of financial stress resulting from conflicts with bosses and co-workers. One key is to communicate openly about money matters and to try to come up with solutions that work for everyone involved.



My lack of flexible working hours is caused by the high demands from employers and the approaches or operational processes (Daks et al., 2020).



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Week 1 – Assignment: Evaluate Sources of Stress in Your Life
The resources this week provided you with examples of types of stress and their possible sources which could include family, occupation, personal and interpersonal relationships, personal problems, or any confrontation in your life. For this assignment, you will be identifying seven stressful or potentially stressful events in your life. Each event you list for this assignment should align to the context of the examples in the resources this week.
Use the example summary table below as a guide for creating your own table/chart in which you categorize each event. Each example should include specific details related to the sources of stress and other information presented in this module. In addition, provide the reason why each entry is considered potentially stressful. Events or issues may include interpersonal relationships, school and job stress, and family and financial issues.
Length: Seven stress entries in a summary table
Sample Summary Table

Category Stressor Reason Event is Stressful
Family Issues Teenage son has threatened to run away He has run away after prior threats, so the treat must be taken seriously. A run-away results in multiple stressful events such as worry about his safety, law enforcement involvement and rebuilding the relationship.
12-year-old daughter refuses to spend overnight at her aunt and uncle’s house. This is a new behavior and she won’t tell us why. My brother, her uncle, would consider it an accusation if I asked them if they knew the reason. It will be stressful balancing my relationship with my daughter and my relationship with my sister-in-law and brother.

Your assignment should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect graduate-level writing and APA standards. Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.
Prepare your responses in a Word document. Save the file and upload your document and click the Submit to Dropbox button.

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