Transcultural Concept Paper

Transcultural Concept Paper

Transcultural Concept Paper


Culture refers to a set of morals, values, ideals, norms, customs, and beliefs that translate into distinguishable behavior of a group of people (Jongen et al. 2018).


Diversity refers to differences among people with varied ethnic, religious, and social backgrounds.

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Transcultural Concept Paper

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Self-assessment refers to the practice of evaluating one’s knowledge, skills, attitudes, qualities and other competencies to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses. For example, self-assessment on cultural competence can reveal one’s level of cultural awareness and cultural tolerance attitudes. The assessment helps in identifying the areas of skills and knowledge that need improvement to attain complete cultural competence.

Culture Care Theory and Framework

Culture Care Theory by Madeleine Leininger emphasizes the importance of culture and care in nursing. The theory is based on the idea of transcultural nursing, which is understanding the differences and similarities between different cultural groups across society. The theory stress that culture influences all aspects of human life including health and healing. Culture Care Theory’s framework encompasses cultural congruent care, cultural awareness, culturally competent care. Culturally congruent is the care approach that values a person’s unique values, beliefs, and preferences when providing care (Tosun et al., 2021). Similarly, the framework describes three nursing decisions that lead to culturally congruent care: cultural preservation, cultural accommodation, and cultural care restructuring. The framework also emphasizes the importance of intercultural communication, which ensures that nurses effectively provide care to individuals from different backgrounds.


Culture Care Theory Influence on Nursing Practice

The theory has been used in nursing to understand and appreciate diversity, especially in patients’ views, values, and beliefs regarding illnesses, treatment, and issues of end of life. As such, the theory promotes respectful and patient-centred care that considers patient values, preferences, and unique cultural needs. The theory has also influenced the concept of cultural competence in education as one of the critical requirements for the nursing practice (Tosun et al., 2021). Theory motivates positive behavior among nurses who strive to prioritize patient satisfaction and positive outcomes (Kaihlanen et al., 2021). Finally, the theory of transcultural nurses has enabled nurses to have a broader view of the world beyond their perspectives and cultural influences. Thus, they have become open-minded, allowing them to demonstrate empathy by seeing the world through the patient’s eyes.


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review chapters 1, 2, and 4 in your textbook, Transcultural Concepts in Nursing Care, and complete the four Transcultural Modules.
Then, address the following questions:
In your own words define culture (1-2 sentences).
In your own words define diversity (1-2 sentences).
Next discuss self-assessment and explain why it is important (3-4 sentences).
Then in your own words, (in one paragraph) select a cultural theory or model and discuss its framework.
Lastly, describe the cultural theory’s or model’s influence on nursing practice (in one paragraph).

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