Topic 7  Discussion Question Paper

Topic 7  Discussion Question Paper

Discussion Question

Cultural and genetic factors play an important role in medication prescription. Such factors must always be considered with the therapist to achieve the most beneficial outcome. One of the prescription medications used for hormone replacement is Premarin (Cagnacci & Venier, 2019). The medication is a conjugated estrogen that is used to treat conditions associated with menopause. Some of the symptoms of menopause include hot flushes, migraine, night sweats, and vaginal dryness among others. The cultural values and practices influence food preference and herbal medicinal use. Some cultural groups do not believe in the use of contraceptives and so hormonal replacement therapy. For example, women from cultural groups prioritize fertility and have negative attitudes toward menopause. Such attitudes and values could also affect the adherence to such medication. Genetic factors also play an important role. For example, some people are likely to be sensitive to the estrogen hormone and may either increase or reduce weight. The healthcare provider ought to understand the patients’ history in terms of how they respond to the medication before they prescribe it.


The mode of action for Premarin involves increasing the synthesis of the DNA, RNA, and the proteins that inhibit the release of the gonadotrophin-releasing hormone, the luteinizing hormone, and the follicle-stimulating hormones (Cagnacci & Venier, 2019). Furthermore, the drug replaces the estrogen hormone and strengthens the bones. The common side effects associated with Premarin include nausea, headache, breast tenderness, and stomach upset. The patients must be monitored closely for such signs and symptoms. Premarin interacts with medications such as aromatase inhibitors and fulvestrant. The prescriber must understand the past medication history and possible allergy reaction of the patient before administering the medication.


Cagnacci, A., & Venier, M. (2019). The controversial history of hormone replacement therapy. Medicina55(9), 602.

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Topic 7  Discussion Question Paper

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Select one of the prompts below to complete this discussion question:

Select a prescription or nonprescription medication and explain the cultural and genetic factors that need to be considered when recommending or prescribing for contraception or hormone replacement. Share the mechanism of action of this medication and hints for monitoring, side effects, and drug interactions, including interactions with CAM. Include the name of the medication in the subject line so that the medications can be followed. Include references using APA format.
Hypogonadism affects many men and is known to be one of the main causes of infertility. Explain the pathophysiology of infertility. Discuss testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), including the benefits, risks, contraindications, potential drug interactions, preparations, and dosing. Explain the cultural and genetic factors that need to be considered when recommending or prescribing TRT. Discuss evidence and treatment guidelines to determine appropriate therapeutic options for a patient with infertility. Use evidence-based, peer-reviewed research to support your answer. Include references using APA format.

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