Topic 6: Performance Management and Appraisal Paper

Topic 6: Performance Management and Appraisal Paper

Topic 6 DQ 2

Training refers to a planned process of improving employees’ attitude, behavior, and skills through learning to improve work performance and increase their chances of achieving their professional goals. It is a structured method of ensuring employees possess the knowledge and skills needed for specific job roles (Muis et al., 2021). Training is connected with the skills an employee must obtain to increase the prospect of achieving the organization’s vision and academic goals and objectives. On the other hand, development is an educational process that primarily helps understand the overall growth and improvement of employees’ skills. It has a broader view of knowledge and skills acquisition than training (Muis et al., 2021). Development is more concerned with an employee’s potential than immediate job skills.


A performance management system (PMS) comprises a number of fundamental HR functions, including goal-setting continuous progress review, real-time feedback, regular communication, training and development, and rewarding. The PMS is connected to training and development since it has a feature that allows managers to offer suggestions to employees on areas of improvement requiring training and development (Awan et al., 2020). In addition, the PMS has a number of platforms that allow supervisors to create career development courses and allocate them to employees. The PMS also has a component that recognizes good employee performance and connects with compensation strategies (Awan et al., 2020). It has generic employee reward programs that allow supervisors to reward employees or openly commend them for outstanding performance.

The PMS at my organization needs to integrate the objectives and goal-setting component. The component will enable managers to set objectives and short-term goals that align with the overall organization’s goals for employees in various departments (Awan et al., 2020). The objectives and goals will motivate employees to improve their job performance, thus increasing productivity. 


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Topic 6: Performance Management and Appraisal Paper

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Awan, S. H., Habib, N., Shoaib Akhtar, C., & Naveed, S. (2020). Effectiveness of performance management system for employee performance through engagement. SAGE Open10(4), 2158244020969383.

Muis, A. M. R. A., Asis, A. H. B., Marinsah, S. A., Hajimin, M. N. H. H., Kamaruding, M., & Yazid, M. T. M. (2021). Review on Training and Development in Human Management. International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences, 11(5), 704–716.


This is for discussion questions. There are two discussion questions. Each discussion question must have at least 250 words and two references. Thank you.

Topic 6: Performance Management and Appraisal

1. Identify how the organization uses the appraisal assessment to align employee roles to organizational strategic goals.
2. Describe how to perform an effective appraisal interview including the appraisal tools and the process used.

Topic 6 DQ 1

The appraisal process is one step in identifying potential improvements or growth opportunities on individual performances. What is most helpful on a job analysis for designing an appraisal tool? What is the most difficult part in determining the dimensions to be appraised?

Topic 6 DQ 2

Explain the difference between training and development. How does a performance management system connect with training and development and compensation strategies? What improvements do you recommend to the performance management system in your organization and why?

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