Topic 5: Employment Retention and Engagement

Topic 5: Employment Retention and Engagement

Topic 5 DQ 2

Career advancement refers to a continuous process of improving employees’ knowledge and skills to master their current jobs, get job promotions, and transfer to new or different job positions. Organizations can support employees aiming to relocate laterally or advance their careers through various approaches implemented on the job and training facilities. Organizations can use on-job approaches through coaching programs whereby an employee is matched with another employee with more experience and skills (coach) (Weng & Zhu, 2020). The coach offers the employee advice and guidance aimed at helping them acquire new skills, improve job performance, and enhance advance in their careers.


Cross-training is another approach to help employees relocate laterally or advance their careers. It entails training employees to carry out job duties other than those in their job description. It is usually e a short-term or an ongoing, planned process (Weng & Zhu, 2020). Although it does not end in instant career advancement, it shows that an employee is interested in gaining new skills. For example, a medical-surgical RN can be cross-trained on intubation, which better positions the RN to head the resuscitation team in the unit.

Job enrichment can also help employees to relocate laterally in their careers. It involves expanding the depth of an employee’s role by adding their responsibilities such as planning, organizing, and controlling the job’s tasks (Gyansah & Guantai, 2018). Job enrichment promotes diversity and increases job challenges while allowing employees to gain new skills and polish their current skills. For example, job enrichment for an ED nurse can include adding their job responsibilities to include mentoring and supervising nursing students placed in the ED. The added job responsibilities can enhance the nurse’s leadership and mentorship skills, making her a better leader capable of managing the ED (Gyansah & Guantai, 2018).


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Topic 5: Employment Retention and Engagement

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Gyansah, S., & Guantai, K. (2018). Career Development in Organizations: Placing the Organization and Employee on the same pedestal to enhance maximum productivity. May17, 95-110.

Weng, Q., & Zhu, L. (2020). Individuals’ career growth within and across organizations: A review and agenda for future research. Journal of Career Development47(3), 239-248.

This is for discussion questions. There are two discussion questions. Each discussion question must have at least 250 words and two references. Thank you.

Topic 5: Employment Retention and Engagement

1. Describe a comprehensive approach to retaining employees through supporting individual career development needs.
2. Explain the importance of employee engagement and how to foster this engagement.

Topic 5 DQ 1

Why is employee engagement an important strategy to foster within an organization? What experience have you had or what examples have you seen or heard about that have helped foster a culture of engagement? Share one strategy that you believe can foster an engaging environment in the workplace.

Topic 5 DQ 2

Often times, employees come to a point when they are ready to advance their position or further develop their skills. How can the organization’s leadership support individuals seeking to relocate laterally or advance their careers by moving into a position of higher authority within their organization? Provide an example.

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