Nursing Influenza Case Scenario Assignment

Nursing Influenza Case Scenario Assignment

Nursing Influenza Case Scenario Assignment

Scenario 2

Law enforcement officers can continue to serve the needs of the people during an influenza virus outbreak by working remotely. For example, they can communicate with the public via telephone or email, and they can also provide essential services such as traffic control and security. In addition, law enforcement officers can partner with other agencies such as the military and emergency responders to provide additional support to the community. There are a few things that law enforcement workers can do to remain on the job during an influenza virus outbreak. First, they can get vaccinated against the flu. Second, they can take steps to prevent themselves from getting sick, such as washing their hands regularly and avoiding contact with sick people. Finally, if they do get sick, they can take steps to prevent spreading the illness to others, such as staying home from work and wearing a mask when around other people. It is important to have a plan in place for how businesses will cover the gaps in personnel created by those who are ill with influenza (Xiao et al., 2020). One option is to have other employees who are still well pick up the slack. This can help to prevent businesses from losing productivity and ensure that customers or clients continue to be served. Alternatively, businesses could consider hiring temporary staff to fill in for those who are ill. Planning ahead and being prepared can help keep businesses running smoothly even during a flu outbreak.

Scenario 3

If the influenza or disease rate is 20% of the population, it is important for daycare providers to take steps to ensure that their facilities remain safe and clean. Providers should increase cleaning and disinfecting procedures, as well as promote good hygiene habits among staff and children. It is also important to have a plan in place in case of an outbreak, including having appropriate supplies on hand and knowing how to isolate sick individuals. If the influenza or disease rate is 20% of the population, it may be wise to cancel sporting events, as this could increase the risk of exposure and transmission. Young children and seniors are at a greater risk for serious health complications from the flu, so it may be more important to take precautions around them. There are a few things that all parents should be aware of when their child is attending a daycare center during an influenza outbreak. First, it is important to understand that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that all children aged 6 months and older receive an annual flu vaccine. Daycare providers should be well-informed about the current flu season and what strains of the virus are circulating so they can make sure all children in their care are vaccinated, if appropriate (Maldonado et al., 2019). In addition, parents should be sure to ask daycare providers about their policies for managing outbreaks. The announcement should be given daily. Many centers will require those who are symptomatic to stay home until they have been fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-red.

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Nursing Influenza Case Scenario Assignment

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There are a few different agencies and organizations that offer help and resources for those affected by the influenza outbreak. The Red Cross is one such organization, and they offer many different services such as blood donations, disaster relief, and health and safety training. Another great resource is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), who have detailed information on both the flu and how to protect yourself from it (Jester et al., 2018). They also have a great section on their website devoted to emergency preparedness, which includes specific instructions for handling a flu pandemic. For African Americans living in Lanham, Maryland, the resources available for the management of influenza virus include vaccines, medical resources, and healthcare organizations equipped with effective treatment materials. These resources can be used appropriately through consideration of evidence-based practices. Lack of enough healthcare personnel is one of the gaps that may pose a problem during the disaster. One of the strength in this community is the availability of effective response teams and healthcare systems that can handle large number of patients. On the other hand, weaknesses involves lack of enough healthcare professionals who can deliver quick and quality care to the disaster victims.


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Scenario: You are the PHN working at your local public health department in the nursing division. It is the middle of summer, and you have been receiving telephone calls asking about “the flu season” since the vaccine wasn’t accurate in predicting the strains of influenza that affected your community last year, and many people contracted the virus. Business and community leaders are concerned because they don’t want a repeat performance of last year. You have been asked to develop some solutions to community concerns. Select two of the following scenarios and respond to the questions that are posed in each.
Scenario 1: Imagine that initial pandemic flu cases have been identified in your jurisdiction. Some people are home sick, and others are staying home fearful that they may become infected with the flu. What advice would you give to local business owners to prepare for this event? Name two actions that business owners can take to keep their businesses open.

Scenario 1, Part B. As incidents of influenza continue to rise, local business owners are worried about the loss of revenue if several large planned conventions are forced to cancel due to the flu. What advice can you give these business owners? Should all events be cancelled?

Scenario 2: Disease rates are rising, and estimates are that as many as 20% of the population are ill with confirmed influenza. Several businesses have closed, and services have been suspended. What advice would you give to local law enforcement officials so they can continue to serve the needs of the people? Describe two actions that law enforcement workers can take to remain on the job. How will the gaps in personnel created by those who are ill be covered by those who are still well? What advice will you give?

Scenario 3: Disease rates are remaining at 20% of the population, and many schools have closed due to teacher absences. What advice can you give daycare providers since parents still have to work if they are not sick with the flu? What two ideas can you share with them so they can stay open and able to care for the children of working parents? Should all school sporting events be cancelled? What information should parents be given? Should announcements be given daily?

Scenario 4: The number of influenza victims has reached 25% of the population. Many of the large grocery stores in your community are short-staffed due to employee sick calls. Shelves are bare since many of the workers are home with the flu, and even if the storeowner could stock the shelves, cashiers are home sick, too. In-store pharmacists are struggling to keep their pharmacies open to serve the public. Consumables like bread and milk are in short supply since many delivery drivers are home sick. What two actions can you recommend to these storeowners so that your community doesn’t suffer?

Scenario 5: With 25% of the total population sick with influenza, your hospital is short of staff at a time of very high census. While many of the administrative positions are unaffected by illness, at least 40% of the nurses have called in sick or are at home caring for very sick children. Name two recommendations that you can give your hospital administration to keep their services available for the community.


Scenario 6: The community is turning to the Health Department for assistance because reported incidents of influenza have risen from 5% of the population to 10% of the population in a matter of days. What is your first response to this situation? What steps will you take? Where will you start?

By Day 3,

Post your response to two sets of scenario-specific questions as well as the following: I AM CHOOSING SCENARIOS 2 AND 3 FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT.

• Which agencies are available to lead and assist in the disaster response?
What resources are available in your community? (My community is African Americans with type 2 diabetes living in Lanham, Prince George’s County, Maryland).
•How might resources be used most efficiently?
. Are there any gaps that may pose a problem?
•Identify potential strengths and weaknesses in the community.

Support your response with references from professional nursing literature.

Notes: Initial Post: This should be a 3-paragraph (at least 350 words) response. Be sure to use evidence from the readings and include in-text citations. Utilize essay-level writing practice and skills, including the use of transitional materials and organizational frames. Avoid quotes; paraphrase to incorporate evidence into your own writing. A reference list is required. Use the most current evidence (usually ≤ 5 years old).

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