NURS-6053 Personal Leadership Philosophies Essay

NURS-6053 Personal Leadership Philosophies Essay

NURS-6053 Personal Leadership Philosophies Essay

Leadership is an essential skill that nurses use to influence others, especially in teams and organizations. Effective and consistent nurse leaders develop personal philosophies that guide them in their decisions, actions, and opinions with a view of impacting their followers and subordinates. Developing a personal leadership philosophy helps leaders to be course and respond effectively to situations in the workplace (Al-Banna, 2017). The purpose of this essay is to discuss my leadership philosophy that contains core values and beliefs, vision and mission statement, leadership strengths and explore my development plan.

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Core Values

Core values are the characteristics that build an individual and drive their way and do not change despite shifting conditions and goals. Core values shape one’s actions and decisions and are guiding principles based on an individual’s central beliefs (Hallock, 2019). Core values are responsible for an understanding of what is morally and ethically right and wrong in society. Values create frameworks and models for individuals to evaluate conduct and behaviors. Nurses are expected to possess certain values that include altruism, autonomy, integrity, honesty, and social justice (Marshall & Broome, 2017). These values enable nurses to conduct their practice ethically and professionally while improving the provision of care and inter-professional collaborations and cooperation.

My core values entail seeking excellence, striving to do my best, demonstrating honesty, and truthfulness. I value wisdom, humility, and courage that allow me to interact with others effectively and cordially. Further, authenticity is a value that I hold important as it allows me to exercise independent thinking and look at situations positively. I value integrity by encouraging and practicing trustworthiness, ethical strength, and moral courage in attaining my expectations and ensuring that I keep promises. I focus on making a positive difference in the lives of others and respecting them while treating them with compassion, empathy, and dignity. These values align with my vision and mission statements.

Personal Mission and Vision Statement

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NURS-6053 Personal Leadership Philosophies Essay

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Mission and vision statements allow one to set future goals. Mission and vision statements are significant components of leadership in all disciplines and levels in healthcare organizations. Vision is a liberating force that enhances one’s dedication and invigorates people to have meaningful lives for themselves and those significant to them. My mission statement is to improve my career and personal growth to align with the dynamic professional and patient needs in a transforming healthcare sector by acquiring more knowledge, skills, and abilities in the nursing profession. My vision is to lead successful teams that act with synergies to demonstrate their strengths to deliver value-based quality care services to diverse patient populations (Marshall & Broome, 2017). I seek to explore more opportunities based on the dynamic and changing nature of the healthcare industry through the vision and mission statements and provide excellent and quality care to individual patients and health populations.

Strengths Assessment

Effective leaders and individuals know their strengths and behaviors. These individuals develop strategies to meet and exceed the demanding nature of their lives, professions, and families. The Gallup assessment demonstrates the five most important themes for individuals to illustrate their strengths. My top five themes according to Gallup Strengths include achiever, strategic, responsibility, includer, and focus. Achievers have a great deal of stamina and work hard and derive satisfaction from being productive and busy (Gallup, 2021). They are forward-looking or future-oriented and set high expectations for themselves. As strategic, they develop alternative ways to proceed and can spot relevant issues fast. They also enjoy partnerships to identify critical and recurring aspects, events, and data.

Being responsible means taking ownership psychologically of one’s words and actions. As a responsible leader, one commits to stable values like honesty and loyalty (Hallock, 2019). As an includer, I accept others and demonstrate awareness of those left out, making efforts to ensure that they are part of the inter-professional collaborative team. As a focused leader, I have a certain direction that I follow through and make corrections where necessary to stay on track and act based on priorities. The implication is that these strengths allow me to offer exceptional leadership at the personal, professional, and team levels.

The two areas that I wish to improve include focus and strategic. The changing and dynamic nature of the healthcare industry exposes one to different situations that require flexibility and changing approach to decision-making. This implies that one must consider a host of courses of action before selecting one. This requires being original and innovative to handle expected and unexpected challenges. Therefore, I need to improve in this area to ensure that I meet set goals (Gallup, 2021). Focusing allows one to enhance their ability to make effective decisions in a different and challenging environment like healthcare. Enhancing these aspects will enable me to be a more effective leader, especially when in inter-professional collaborative teams.

Development Plan

Improving in these two core areas is important for me to provide quality and culturally-competent care while sharing information to better inter-professional teams. Being strategic will allow generating more options and perspectives when faced with critical situations. Increased focus will be essential in directing my energy to things that I will accomplish within set timelines. My plan to improve on these aspects will entail attending leadership conferences and events organized by professional organizations like the American Nurses Association (ANA). I will also take courses to improve communication as sharing a strategic vision requires one to communicate effectively. I will also engage my inter-professional team members in regular forums to enhance their perspectives on team performance and attainment of increased patient satisfaction rates (Hallock, 2019). The implication is that this plan will be fundamental in improving my overall ability and capacity to offer care, lead teams, especially inter-professional ones, and attain overall set professional and personal development goals.


Leadership philosophies are important as they allow leaders to influence their followers and significant others in their teams and workplaces. Nurse leaders work in inter-professional teams that require having a mission and vision based on one’s core values and strengths and developing a plan to address areas of weakness. The philosophy outlined in this paper is critical for my career and professional growth as it illustrates the influential role that a leader possesses when dealing with others.


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NURS-6053 Module 3: Leadership (Weeks 4-6)
Assignment: Personal Leadership Philosophies. Due on 1/9/22
Many of us can think of leaders we have come to admire, be they historical figures, pillars of the industry we work in, or leaders we know personally. The leadership of individuals such as Abraham Lincoln and Margaret Thatcher has been studied and discussed repeatedly. However, you may have interacted with leaders you feel demonstrated equally competent leadership without ever having a book written about their approaches.
What makes great leaders great? Every leader is different, of course, but one area of commonality is the leadership philosophy that great leaders develop and practice. A leadership philosophy is basically an attitude held by leaders that acts as a guiding principle for their behavior. While formal theories on leadership continue to evolve over time, great leaders seem to adhere to an overarching philosophy that steers their actions.
What is your leadership philosophy? In this Assignment, you will explore what guides your own leadership.
To Prepare:
• Identify two to three scholarly resources, in addition to this Module’s readings, that evaluate the impact of leadership behaviors in creating healthy work environments.
• Reflect on the leadership behaviors presented in the three resources that you selected for review.
• Reflect on your results of the C liftonStrengths Assessment, and consider how the results relate to your leadership traits.
• Download your Signature Theme Report to submit for this Assignment.
The Assignment (2-3 pages):
Personal Leadership Philosophies
Develop and submit a personal leadership philosophy that reflects what you think are characteristics of a good leader. Use the scholarly resources on leadership you selected to support your philosophy statement. Your personal leadership philosophy should include the following:
• A description of your core values.
• A personal mission/vision statement.
• An analysis of your CliftonStrengths Assessment summarizing the results of your profile
• A description of two key behaviors that you wish to strengthen.
• A development plan that explains how you plan to improve upon the two key behaviors you selected and an explanation of how you plan to achieve your personal vision. Be specific and provide examples.
• Be sure to incorporate your colleagues’ feedback on your CliftonStrengths Assessment from this Module’s Discussion 2.
• Note: Be sure to attach your Signature Theme Report to your Assignment submission.

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