NR 449 Week 7 Discussion; Clinical Significance Essay

NR 449 Week 7 Discussion; Clinical Significance Essay

Clinical Significance

Nurses do not primarily rely on clinical expertise to make informed decisions. They also depend on external knowledge, mainly obtained from research studies. Such studies usually contain scientific evidence on different topics. However, it is not all knowledge is appropriate for clinical practice. Nurses can use different strategies to determine what knowledge in a research study is usable for clinical practice. The first consideration is how an issue has been addressed. Knowledge that is supported through data and statistics is crucial for clinical practice. The second consideration is relevance. It is vital for information in a research study to be relevant to a clinical issue. Before deciding to change, it is crucial to examine the level of evidence too. The highest level is systematic reviews of randomized controlled trials; they evaluate and summarize past literature (Ranganathan & Aggarwal, 2020). Usable knowledge should also be peer-reviewed. It is also crucial for information on clinical issues to be recently published.


Credibility and clinical significance would alter my decisions to integrate research-based evidence into practice. The credibility of research represents the research is appropriate (Cardwell et al., 2021). Clinical significant research represents the degree of practical usefulness. Accordingly, I would pick a research study based on the appropriateness and efficacy of its findings and recommendations in the actual practice. Considering that scientific evidence is a key component of evidence-based practice, it should be credible, relevant, and clinically significant.

Research studies provide crucial information to improve nurses’ knowledge. Nurses use such knowledge to promote evidence-based practice. Due to the sensitivity of health care matters, knowledge in a research study should be accurate, peer-reviewed, and practically relevant to be considered usable for clinical practice. Nurses should examine how a research study has explored a clinical issue, and the evidence used to support findings to determine whether it is usable for clinical practice.


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NR 449 Week 7 Discussion; Clinical Significance Essay

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Cardwell, R., Mckenna, L., Davis, J., & Gray, R. (2021). How is clinical credibility defined in nursing? Protocol for a concept mapping study. Journal of Clinical Nursing30(17-18), 2433-2440.

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How does a nurse know what (if any) knowledge in a research study is usable for clinical practice? What would a critical thinker look for in the evidence before deciding to change? What influence do credibility and clinical significance have on your decisions to integrate research-based evidence into your practice?

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