Methods of Evaluating Evidence Essay

Methods of Evaluating Evidence Essay

Topic 3 DQ 2

There are numerous methods of evaluating evidence. Two of these methods are systematic review and meta-analysis methods. The systematic review refers to a review of a well-designed question that utilizes systematic and reproducible techniques to recognize, choose, and critically evaluate all relevant research. It also gathers and scrutinizes data from the studies that are integrated into the review (Harari et al., 2020). It synthesizes the outcomes of various primary studies related to one another through the utilization of techniques that lowers random errors and biases. Systematic reviews also provide a complete outline of the identified literature that addresses a specific question or topic (Riley et al., 2019).

A meta-analysis refers to a statistical examination that integrates the outcomes of various scientific studies. It can be conducted where various scientific studies focus on the same question, with every study reporting measurements that are likely to have a certain degree of error. The intention then is to utilize approaches from statistics to obtain a shared estimate nearest to the unidentified common truth based on the way this error is professed. The outcomes of the meta-analysis are regarded as the most reliable sources of evidence (Riley et al., 2019).


Systematic reviews and meta-analyses have some similarities including the presentation of results through combination and scrutiny of data from various studies undertaken on the same research topics. These methods also characterize powerful tools that can conquer the challenges in conducting major randomized controlled trials (Ahn & Kang, 2018). Moreover, the integration of studies with biases or poorly evaluated quality in both methods could result in misleading results. However, systematic reviews and meta-analyses differ in various ways. Every meta-analysis is a derivative of systematic reviews but not every systematic review can be utilized in meta-analysis. Also, meta-analysis tends to use a bigger number of research subjects, which creates diversity in participants and outcomes leading to statistically stronger results than systematic reviews (Harari et al., 2020).


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Methods of Evaluating Evidence Essay

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Topic 3: Development Of Evidence-Based Practice Change Proposal I
The next step in developing an evidence-based practice change proposal for the capstone project is to conduct a thorough review of the literature pertaining to the chosen topic. In this topic, students will examine the research literature and utilize library resources to locate quality, peer-reviewed sources to support their chosen topic and solution. Students will use the PICOT question process to create a PICOT question for their topic.

Critique evidence-based research to support the development of the capstone project change proposal.
Create a PICOT question incorporating an evidence-based nursing practice intervention.
Create objectives for an evidence-based nursing practice change proposal.
Integrate reflective practice into the practicum reflective journal.
Demonstrate interprofessional collaboration during the creation of the capstone project change proposal. THE DISCUSSION QUESTION IS–Topic 3 DQ 2
Start Date

Assessment Description
Name two different methods for evaluating evidence. Compare and contrast these two methods.

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