Childhood Obesity Paper

Childhood Obesity Paper

The Honorable Kweisi Mfume

Maryland State Assembly

State Capital Room (###)

Baltimore Maryland 76545

Subject: Childhood Obesity

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Childhood Obesity Paper

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My name is <Please insert your name here>, and I am a student at the University of Baltimore. I am writing you this letter to bring to your attention the current issue of childhood obesity that is robbing us of young people who are the future of our community. The increase in cases of childhood obesity within our city is a matter that requires input from both lawmakers and the community. Your attention to this issue would have an impact on the measures taken in curbing this menace within our community.

In Baltimore City, one in three school-aged children has been found to be obese or overweight. The main cause of this increased prevalence within the city is the diet that children take on a daily basis. The increase in cases of childhood obesity has been rallying many researchers to conduct a study on the problem (Fryar et al., 2018). The results from the past studies show that childhood obesity is two and a half times higher than it was 25 years ago. This implies that the rates of childhood obesity have doubled in the recent past to 17.4%. The current obesity rates in the city range from 3-5, where Hispanic and African-Americans show higher rates compared to non-Hispanic children. This implies that obesity-related health problem is serious among African American and Hispanic children (Isong et al., 2018). The high likelihood of obesity among children results in obese teenagers and adults within the community. Children from marginalized homes are likely to become obese when they become adults. Despite the overall increase in obesity rates in the US, there is a growing concern about children’s diet as it forms the main cause of this problem. Parents have become busy with their daily duties at the expense of learning important diet tips that would save their children from obesity (Wang et al., 2020). The increase in cases of childhood obesity within our city also questions the effect of the healthcare system in the state to curb such issues before they transform into problems. At the rate at which children are becoming obese, the state’s healthcare would not be in a position to handle the increased cases of obesity-related health problems.


I would propose a solution of developing preventive measures for childhood obesity by intensifying the community on childhood obesity. The policies that allow healthcare workers to dispense information from media outlets at a reduced cost or untaxed rates would be important in disseminating the information to all parents and guardians around the city. Creating these awareness programs allows parents to learn about childhood diets that allow children to eat healthily and maintain the recommended healthy weight.

My request from your office is to implement policies that allow nurses from all healthcare centers to prioritize increasing awareness of diet and childhood obesity within the community. The legislative centers, nursing specialty organizations, and ANA advocacy organizations can team up in championing increased awareness of childhood obesity. Combining these forces would be important in rallying the community towards a positive direction of eliminating childhood obesity in the community. The teaching of parents and guardians about diet would aid in solving the problem from the root cause. Your office will be playing a significant role in health care development by championing effective policies to solve the issue of childhood obesity in our community.

Yours Sincerely

<Please insert your name here>


Fryar, C. D., Carroll, M. D., & Ogden, C. L. (2018). Prevalence of overweight, obesity, and severe obesity among children and adolescents aged 2–19 years: United States, 1963–1965 through 2015–2016.

Isong, I. A., Rao, S. R., Bind, M. A., Avendaño, M., Kawachi, I., & Richmond, T. K. (2018). Racial and ethnic disparities in early childhood obesity. Pediatrics141(1).

Wang, Y., Beydoun, M. A., Min, J., Xue, H., Kaminsky, L. A., & Cheskin, L. J. (2020). Has the prevalence of overweight, obesity and central obesity levelled off in the United States? Trends, patterns, disparities, and future projections for the obesity epidemic. International Journal of Epidemiology49(3), 810-823.


This assignment is about writing a letter to a congressional leader about a health issue in the community of Baltimore City. The health issue I choose is Childhood Obesity. The congressional leader I choose to write to is Kweisi Mfume. Please see below for further instructions. I will also attach the worksheet that shows what is expected in the letter.

Identify an appropriate congressional leader about a selected population health issue in your nearby community. You will need to research the official and explain why you chose to contact them (have they historically opposed or supported uour selected population/issue? Are they involved in any committees/projects that might influence this population/issue?). You may contact any nursing advocacy organization for related topics and/or legislative bills for information also. You will then, write a one-page letter (not to be sent necessarily) to the identified congressional leader introducing yourself, giving a brief summary with statistical/scientific support about the issue you are addressing. Finally, you must describe your suggested solution to the issue and what you desire the leader to do concerning it. You must use three (3) scholarly resources in your research and here is a Worksheet Download Worksheethat you may find helpful when constructing your letter. This worksheet does not need to be submitted with your letter.


Points Possible Criteria
20 Introduce self and explain why you are contacting this official.
20 Write a brief summary of the community issue.
20 Use statistical/scientific support in favor of your opinion (3) scholarly resources.
20 What is your suggested solution along with what you are asking the official to do.
20 Correct spelling, grammar, and APA format for a formal letter.


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