Capstone Project Change Evaluation Essay

Capstone Project Change Evaluation Essay

Disseminating Results

Disseminating the results of evidence-based practice projects is important in nursing practice. The dissemination informs nurses about new practice interventions that can be adopted to improve care outcomes. Internal and external methods can be used to achieve the objective. The internal method that would be adopted to disseminate the results of the evidence-based practice project is the hospital board. A formal meeting will be held with the members of the board to inform them about the project results. Formal reports will be developed for sharing with the board members. The presentation will focus on aspects such as the project results, strengths, weaknesses, challenges experienced, and recommendations for future projects(Purtle et al., 2020). Focusing on the board is important, as it helps them determine if the project is desirable for an implementation to meet its stakeholder needs.


An external method of disseminating project results that would be adopted is scientific conferences. Conferences for healthcare providers, including nurses will be used in disseminating the project results. The conferences will provide an opportunity to reach an extensive audience and seek more input about ways of enhancing project effectiveness further. It is important to share project findings with both internal and external stakeholders to create awareness about the need for the project in the patient care process. Sharing also informs healthcare stakeholders about the cost-effectiveness and relevance of the project to their settings. It also allows them to provide their input on the interventions that can be adopted to optimize the project outcomes(Barnes-Daly et al., 2018). Communication strategies change when sharing the results with the internal and external stakeholders. The internal methods of sharing the project results may be too detailed to identify the critical organizational issues that influenced the outcomes. The external methods of sharing are brief, as it seeks to inform and stimulate interest among healthcare stakeholders.


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Capstone Project Change Evaluation Essay

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Purtle, J., Nelson, K. L., Bruns, E. J., &Hoagwood, K. E. (2020).Dissemination Strategies to Accelerate the Policy Impact of Children’s Mental Health Services Research.Psychiatric Services, 71(11), 1170–1178.


Describe one internal and one external method for the dissemination of Post-partum Depression evidence-based change proposal. For example, an internal method may be the hospital board, and an external method may be a professional nursing organization. Discuss why it is important to report your change proposal to both of these groups. How will your communication strategies change for each group?

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