Week 6 Database Discussion Essay

Week 6 Database Discussion Essay

Week 6 Database Discussion

Full functional dependency (FFD) refers to the minimum set of attributes of a functional dependency. An attribute is fully functional dependent on another attribute when it is functionally dependent on that given attribute and not on any subset of that attribute (Birillo & Bobrov, 2019). That is, the set of attributes Q are full functionally dependent on the set of attributes P when Q is deemed functionally dependent on P and not functionally dependent on whichever subset of P. For instance, an attribute X is fully functionally dependent on attribute Y if it is functionally dependent on Y and not on any of the appropriate subset of P.


On the other hand, partial dependency is a type of functional dependency that occurs in a situation where non-prime attributes are functionally dependent on an element of the candidate key. In the management systems of the database, partial dependency is a kind of functional dependency that connotes the occurrence where a primary key establishes the results of an additional attribute or set of attributes (Rimal, 2018). Partial dependency occurs when a non-key attribute in a database table is dependent on the value of only an element of the primary key in the table and not the whole primary key. For instance, in a case where P, Q, R connotes a functional dependency where candidate keys are P, Q and non-prime attributes are R. Then the partial dependency can be denoted when R only depends on Q, which represents a subset of candidate key and not the entire candidate key.

My question to my peers is: If a functional dependency is reflexive, Y is a subset of R and R is the set of attributes, then which will hold between Y→R and R →Y. Why?


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Week 6 Database Discussion Essay

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Birillo, A., & Bobrov, N. (2019, September). Smart caching for efficient functional dependency discovery. In European Conference on Advances in Databases and Information Systems (pp. 52-59). Springer, Cham. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-30278-8_7

Rimal, Y. (2018). Does the database functional dependency and its normalization make uniform database management in future?. Asia Associate Research, 25. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/334534970_DOES_THE_DATABASE_FUNCTIONAL_DEPENDENCY_AND_ITS_NORMALIZATION_MAKE_UNIFORM_DATABASEMANAGEMENT_IN_FUTURE


W6: Week 6
Discuss the difference between full functional dependency and partial dependency. Include an example (other than the one in the text).

Include one question for your peers to research and answer.

A web search for relevant articles and information could be employed to further assist you in your response.

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