Types of Performance Measures Used to Measure Performance Essay

Types of Performance Measures Used to Measure Performance Essay

Types of Performance Measures  Used to Measure Performance Essay

A performance measure is a measurable articulation of the quantity, value, or outcome of operations that show how much, how effectively, and at what magnitude services or products are availed to clients during a specific time (Gong, 2021).  Health informatics is a multidisciplinary analysis of the delineation, development, adoption, and utilization of information technology-based change in healthcare services provision, management, and planning (Dash et al., 2020). Further, informatics avails the correct information to the right people internally and externally of the organization at the right time and place.

The project to be measured is an informatics solution for the emergency department that seeks to realign nurse orders by eliminating those that do not belong to the emergency department through the software application.  Therefore, a performance measure for the software will be measured through the functional performance to ascertain the value of its operations.  Further, the project will be measured by output or workload performance (Kaydos, 2020).  This measure will show the quantity of the work undertaken or the amount of the services provided by the new project.

Efficiency performance measures will be applied to gauge how efficient the project is in terms of economic efficiency, market efficiency, and operational efficiency.  The standards will show the interrelation between the work done and the resources-costs) needed to undertake the work.  Moreover, outcome or result performance measures will be used to evaluate the project.  The outcome measure will show the project’s results concerning its intended purpose. Similarly, the project will be measured by the productivity measure.  Productivity is a measure of the efficiency in terms of conversion of project input into useful outputs (Kaydos, 2020). The types of performance measures to evaluate the project include productivity, outcome, efficiency, and functional criteria. The performance measurement will aid the organization in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the project areas for improvement and help set benchmarks with existing data.


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Types of Performance Measures Used to Measure Performance Essay

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Describe what types of performance measures you will use to measure the performance of your informatics solution project. Why are these the best measures for determining the success of the project for the organization?


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