Topic 4: Training and Development Paper

Topic 4: Training and Development Paper

Topic 4 DQ 2

Onboarding refers to the practice in which new employees are integrated into the organization. It entails activities that enable new hires to finish the initial new-hire orientation process and learn about the organization (Baker & DiPiro, 2019). Onboarding at VA Health Care System takes two weeks. The formal onboarding processes in the organization include organized tasks and procedures that assist new employees in adjusting to their new position (Jeske & Olson, 2021). The HR department organizes coordinated in-classroom training, orientation, and socialization activities. Besides, the new hires are emailed and given hard copies containing information about the organization such as vision, mission, core values, rules and regulations, code of conduct, general policies, employees’ benefits, and organizational hierarchy.


Informal onboarding processes that I have observed at VA Health Care include teaming a new employee with a buddy. The buddy is responsible for giving directions around the organization and informal instructions (Jeske & Olson, 2021). In addition, the HR office sends care packages to new hires containing a welcoming card, candies, and items having an organization logo such as a mug, water bottles, cap, key holder, and t-shirt.

Factors that contribute to the success of the onboarding processes at VA healthcare include having a consistent structure on onboarding practices for all employees. Besides, there is team involvement in the organization in that the entire hospital team is involved in welcoming new employees rather than the HR department alone. Communication has significantly contributed to the success of the onboarding process since new hires are provided with all the information they need to know about the organization and thrive in their position. Nevertheless, the onboarding process can be improved by having regular check-ups of the new hires to ensure they are comfortable and offer them the support they require to succeed.


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Topic 4: Training and Development Paper

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Baker, B., & DiPiro, J. T. (2019). Evaluation of a Structured Onboarding Process and Tool for Faculty Members in a School of Pharmacy. American journal of pharmaceutical education83(6), 7100.

Jeske, D., & Olson, D. (2021). Onboarding new hires: recognising mutual learning opportunities. Journal of Work-Applied Management.

This is for discussion questions. There are two discussion questions. Each discussion question must have at least 250 words and two references. Thank you.

Topic 4: Training and Development

1. Explain how to onboard and assimilate new employees with the organization.
2. Analyze the link between training objectives, organizational goals, and employee performance.
3. Identify elements of an effective training program.

Topic 4 DQ 1

Prior to developing your training programs, you must analyze your organizational needs, identify employee skills gaps based on performance, and have resources available to support training goals, including those associated with succession planning. These constitute learning conditions to ensure training programs have purpose and alignment to organizational goals. Thinking about the learning conditions described, what do you think is most necessary for learning to occur in your current organization? Assume your organization has the readiness for learning, recommend at least one training program your organization would benefit from implementing. Explain why.

Topic 4 DQ 2

What formal and informal onboarding or assimilation processes exist in your organization or an organization with which you are familiar? Identify the factors that contribute to the effectiveness of the onboarding or assimilation processes. What changes do you recommend making to the current onboarding or assimilation process to improve their effectiveness when orientating new employees?

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