Topic 2: Staffing: Recruitment and Selection Paper

Topic 2: Staffing: Recruitment and Selection Paper

Topic 2: DQ 2

            The reliability and validity of the selection method used during recruitment and selection usually determine the chances of one being selected or rejected for a job. This is because the two factors function to measure the consistency and whether the method adequately measures the particular characteristics being looked for by the employers. In my case, the technology used, such as automated video interview personality assessments, must be reliable enough to ensure validity is achieved to avoid rejecting an applicant yet qualify for the job (Hickman et al., 2021). Therefore, the fact I am rejected for the position I applied for means that the employer failed to incorporate all the necessary information into the selected websites, making them unreliable for use in the recruitment and selection process.


It is also important to note that reliability and validity play a critical role when considering which selection method to use because the validity of the particular selection method, such as LinkedIn can only be achieved if they are reliable (Roulin & Levashina, 2019). Hence, before deciding on the particular selection method to use, the employer must ensure the method measures exactly what it is intended to measure and does so consistently. This would ensure that the method used only selects the most qualified candidates for the jobs.

In my organization, the methods used during the recruitment and selection process can be considered valid and reliable. This is organization rarely receives complaints from job applicants, especially when they are rejected for the job they applied for. Often, the organization takes some time analyzing the methods that the process would utilize to ensure that they are efficient in carrying out the process.


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Topic 2: Staffing: Recruitment and Selection Paper

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Hickman, L., Bosch, N., Ng, V., Saef, R., Tay, L., & Woo, S. E. (2021). Automated video interview personality assessments: Reliability, validity, and generalizability investigations. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Roulin, N., & Levashina, J. (2019). LinkedIn as a new selection method: Psychometric properties and assessment approach. Personnel Psychology72(2), 187-211.


This is for discussion questions. There are two discussion questions. Each discussion question must have at least 250 words and two references. Thank you.

Topic 2: Staffing: Recruitment and Selection

1. Discuss the reason for the needs assessment for the intended purpose of developing job descriptions.
2. Describe the use of online job boards and social media as an effective recruiting source.
3. Evaluate employee and organizational needs relative to the recruitment and selection process.

Topic 2 DQ 1

As technology continues to advance, organizations are using social media and online platforms to attract and acquire eligible employees. What processes, procedures, and specific websites are currently being used in your organization to attract and acquire potential employees from the online setting? As a job seeker, discuss the benefits and challenges that accompany social media, including LinkedIn, when searching for employment? What are the drawbacks that an employer faces when using websites to attract future employees for positions and how can these drawbacks be reduced?

Topic 2 DQ 2

Assume that you were rejected for a position you applied to, based on their selection methods used. In general, discuss both the reliability and validity as they relate to recruitment and selection practices. Why are both factors critical when considering which selection method to use in making hiring decisions? Lastly, critically evaluate both the reliability and the validity of your firm’s current recruitment and selection process.

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