Topic 10 DQ 1: Quality, Value, and Sustainable Outcomes Essay

Topic 10 DQ 1: Quality, Value, and Sustainable Outcomes Essay

 Topic 10 DQ 1: Quality, Value, and Sustainable Outcomes Essay

A sustainable outcome refers to the ability of an intervention to sustain a defined behavior indefinitely. Leaders should always strive to create long-lasting, sustainable outcomes in their organizations (Mensah, 2019). A key attribute that fosters sustainable outcomes is a clear vision and leadership. A clear and convincing vision of what a project aims to achieve and how the vision addresses an actual need is the first step toward sustainability (Bodkin & Hakimi, 2020). Not only is the vision essential, but also having a leader within the organization or project to steer the vision forward is critical. Furthermore, organizational capacity supports sustainable outcomes. This comprises a wide array of capabilities, knowledge, resources, and the presence of organizational systems for accounting, fiscal management, personnel, and governance structures (Bodkin & Hakimi, 2020).

Adaptability is a key factor since sustainable projects have leaders skilled at foreseeing, influencing, and countering new environmental opportunities or threats. In addition, a stable funding source to support the project is one of the most crucial factors for sustainability. A project should have a strategic financing orientation meaning that the project leaders are aware of the activities they want to sustain, the resources needed to sustain the activities, and ways to access the resources (Mortimer et al., 2018). Moreover, having key champions committed to the project’s vision is essential in promoting sustainable outcomes (Bodkin & Hakimi, 2020). Key champions use their influence to channel resources, create networks, and generate support for the project’s sustainability.

The practicum project entails developing a team-building activity to boost camaraderie that will improve work relationships and create a positive, healthy environment for nurses at Seattle VA Medical Center. Simulation training is the proposed team-building activity. Nurses will perform various teamwork skills, like interpersonal communication and coordination, in an environment that mimics the patient care setting. The project’s outcomes will be sustainable since nurses will be impacted with lifelong knowledge and skills in promoting healthy working relationships and a positive, healthy environment. Furthermore, the project’s outcomes will be sustained in the long term since team-building skills will be passed down even to other nurses who will join the organization.


Bodkin, A., & Hakimi, S. (2020). Sustainable by design: a systematic review of factors for health promotion program sustainability. BMC Public Health20(1), 1-16.

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Topic 10 DQ 1: Quality, Value, and Sustainable Outcomes Essay

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Mensah, J. (2019). Sustainable development: Meaning, history, principles, pillars, and implications for human action: Literature review. Cogent Social Sciences5(1), 1653531.

Mortimer, F., Isherwood, J., Wilkinson, A., & Vaux, E. (2018). Sustainability in quality improvement: redefining value. Future healthcare journal5(2), 88–93.


Topic 10: Quality, Value, And Sustainable Outcomes
1. Describe quality improvement indicators utilized in healthcare organizations.
2. Describe the attributes that support sustainable outcomes.
3. Develop strategies to overcome real and potential barriers in project development.

Topic 10 DQ 1
Assessment Description
Describe the attributes that support sustainable outcomes. Will your project have sustainable outcomes, or will your outcomes be a one-time occurrence?

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