Systems Theory and Practice Issues Essay

Systems Theory and Practice Issues Essay

Systems Theory and Practice Issues

Ethical and legal issues are likely to impact my current practice in Rehab and medical-surgical nursing and my future practice area in psychiatric-mental health nursing. Ethical issues in nursing practice are increasingly becoming challenging for nurses globally (van Bruchem-Visser et al., 2020). Nurses often find it uncomfortable to address the ethical issues they encounter in patient care. Nurses are expected to make ethical decisions when providing quality and safe care, which sometimes create ethical dilemmas (Ohnishi et al., 2019). An ethical dilemma occurs when moral claims are at odds with one another, especially when there is a choice between equally unsatisfactory options. Besides, making ethical decisions often result in ethical issues and legal consequences to med-surgical and psychiatric nurses.


Ethical and legal issues occur at the micro-level of healthcare in delivering direct patient care to patients. It impacts the system since ethical dilemmas cause nurse fatigue and leave them feeling powerless and frustrated when dealing with ethical issues. Furthermore, nurses perceive that there are some ethical issues they have no power over and thus can do nothing about them (Ohnishi et al., 2019). The issue at the micro-level can be addressed by creating a framework for ethical decision-making that comprises a step-by-step strategy, ethical values, and a guide to finding balance. The framework can guide nurses during complex ethical decision-making scenarios and provide moral guidance on what would make up an ethically acceptable decision (van Bruchem-Visser et al., 2020). As a result, this would reduce the fatigue and frustration among nurses and other providers when making clinical decisions. It would also avoid ethical implications such as legal charges and revoke of licences. Interprofessional collaboration can address the issue by having members of the care team make collaborative patient care decisions when employing ethical frameworks. 


Ohnishi, K., Kitaoka, K., Nakahara, J., Välimäki, M., Kontio, R., & Anttila, M. (2019). Impact of moral sensitivity on moral distress among psychiatric nurses. Nursing ethics26(5), 1473-1483.

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Systems Theory and Practice Issues Essay

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van Bruchem-Visser, R. L., van Dijk, G., de Beaufort, I., & Mattace-Raso, F. (2020). Ethical frameworks for complex medical decision making in older patients: A narrative review. Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics90, 104160.


Discussion Question:
Many of you have experience in complex adaptive systems whether you realize it or not. Thinking about your current or future practice area, identify an issue or concern. In your initial response, please describe the concern. Does the concern primarily occur at the micro, meso, or macro level? How would you address this issue? What impact might your solution have on the other levels of the system? In what ways could interprofessional collaboration be used to resolve the issue?
(Current practice areas: Rehab and Med-Surg. Future practice area: Psych-Mental Health)

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