Strategies to Increase Participation in Health Care Policy Essay

Strategies to Increase Participation in Health Care Policy Essay

Strategies to Increase Participation in Health Care Policy Essay

Advanced practice nurses (APNs) have an advanced understanding of different healthcare practices. Their level of education gives them the opportunity to be integrated into different policymaking processes. Due to the additional training needed to attain advanced practice in nursing, APN has the opportunities to operate in patient care settings with a high level of independence and responsibility to general patient care in the healthcare systems (Jokiniemi et al., 2020). APNs are certified to engage both patients are healthcare professionals to ensure quality healthcare services. They also have the responsibility of taking part in policymaking processes. With their advanced education and research knowledge, they are often included in the policymaking processes.


There are different strategies that APNs can implement to increase their participation in healthcare policymaking in order to support patient safety. One of the strategies is to engage in continuous research processes to identify healthcare needs and the needs of patients within the healthcare facility. Usually, participation in the policymaking processes requires an advanced understanding of the processes within the healthcare facility. Besides, it is necessary to understand the needs of patients and the challenges they may face. All these require continuous advanced research processes (Schober, 2017). Another strategy is to enhance communication and collaboration among healthcare professional teams. In most cases, healthcare policymaking processes require positive collaboration among stakeholders. Showing commitment through enhancing communication ensure that patients’ demand/rights are fully addressed. Finally, there is the need for APN to enhance their skills in the legislation processes. In particular, they need to gain experience in problem identification and agenda-setting in the course of the policymaking process. All these strategies ought to be integrated into the demands of patients within the healthcare institution.


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Schober, M. (2017). Strategic planning for advanced nursing practice. In Strategic Planning for Advanced Nursing Practice (pp. 9-33). Springer, Cham.

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Strategies to Increase Participation in Health Care Policy Essay

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As an advanced practice nurse, propose strategies you can implement to increase your participation in the health care policymaking in order to support patient advocacy.

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