Statistics in the Health Care Industry Essay

Statistics in the Health Care Industry Essay

Statistics in the Health Care Industry Essay

Health statistics refers to numbers that summarizes health-related information. Quantitative research for instance is utilized in guiding the healthcare decision-making process, with statistical data gathered from observations or measurements which describe the characteristics of a given population sample (Thammasudjarit et al., 2018). Nevertheless, descriptive statistics can be used to summarize the efficacy, utility, and cost of care services and products. Descriptive statistics displays various kinds of information, grouped according to the intended use. For example, when taking care of patients, the statistical information collected include demographic details, chief complaints, vital signs and past medical history among others. Healthcare organizations depend on statistics to measure the performance outcome of the facility, which promotes data-driven continuous improvement programs to optimize the safety and quality of care provided.

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Health statistics is associated with several benefits aligned with improved patient care. Studies show that statistics has played a significant role in the personalization of medicine and disease prevention in the current healthcare system. Additionally, through statistical data, healthcare organizations are now able to come up with novel treatment approaches which are evidence-based, optimizing patient outcomes (Sharples, 2018). Other advancements made possible by statistics include routine immunization of both adults and children, workplace safety, family planning, consuming safe and healthier foods, and control of disease prevention among others. Just like in healthcare, an individual can utilize the same kind of statistical data to modify their routine daily activities. For example, health statistics reporting on the patient’s preexisting conditions such as hypertension and diabetes can be utilized in guiding a healthies lifestyle, such as exercise and diet.


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Statistics in the Health Care Industry Essay

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Using statistics in the health care industry requires a foundational understanding of statistics and their users. Imagine that you are a new data analyst for a hospital. You replaced an analyst that did not organize their office or resources, nor did they leave any written notes or procedures. However, you’ve been asked by your manager to provide a summary of how statistics may be used throughout the hospitals and how the information may be organized. Explain how you would summarize the use of statistics, and how relevant you think statistics are. Provide an example of how statistics may be applied both in healthcare and in a common daily activity.

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