Safety or Quality Improvement Initiative Essay

Safety or Quality Improvement Initiative Essay

Safety or Quality Improvement Initiative Essay

Quality improvement initiatives associated with improving population health entails programs that are implemented to enhance care quality. One of such initiatives is the pharmacist-led medication therapy management (MTM). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (2019) defines MTM as a unique service or group of services offered by health care providers comprising of pharmacists aimed at getting the best therapeutic outcomes for patients. CDC asserts that pharmacist-led MTM is effective for individuals that have multiple chronic conditions, complex medication therapy, and those who face high costs of prescription drugs as well as multiple prescribers. MTM reduces the overall cost of medication drugs and therapies, especially for multiple prescribers. The initiative improves clinical outcomes for patients who require different drugs and may not have sufficient resources (Wang et al., 2020). Lowering the cost of care and improving outcomes lead to quality improvement as patients get better services and products for their different healthcare conditions.


Translational research can influence the development of pharmacist-led MTM since the model is effective in improving outcomes and reducing costs. The healthcare professionals take advantage from research of certain patient population and implement these changes that are required to improve patient’s condition. For instance, individuals with chronic conditions, especially comorbidities, require more resources to maintain quality life and health despite their situations (Nash et al., 2019). Therefore, using translational research, stakeholders can seek interventions that will lead to better ways of cost reduction while ensuring quality outcomes. The implication is that using the initiative, care providers integrate the best type of translational research findings to implement in their practice environments for quality improvement in care provision among the different health populations.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (2021). Community Pharmacists and

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Safety or Quality Improvement Initiative Essay

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Medication Therapy Management.

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Identify either a safety or quality improvement initiative related to improving population health. Explain how translational research can influence the development of the initiative. Include a specific example to support your response.

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