Role of Translational Research in Advancing Equitable access to Health Care Essay

Role of Translational Research in Advancing Equitable access to Health Care Essay

Role of Translational Research in Advancing Equitable access to Health Care Essay

Translational research entails adoption of scientific investigation or inquiry into a certain issue facing health practices to overcome such issues that leads to a rise in aggregate health performance of individuals and communities. Translational research gives way for discovery of best practices to be employed in the prevention, therapeutic and diagnosing of patients leading to besetting diseases by practitioners (Allen Jr. et al., 2019). The need to advance equitable access to health care and preventive services and policies on population health is a core aspect of translational research.

Translational research leads to discovery of new and innovative ways to enhance access to healthcare. The development of new treatment and care delivery models like the value-based care and technologies like telehealth emanate from translational research. The promotion of primary care interventions to reduce the prevalence of non-communicable diseases like diabetes and obesity arise from increased use of translational research that offers models to improve health and mitigate chances of developing these conditions. Health disparities entail the deliberate act where a certain proportion of people cannot access or obtain equal medical care and treatment in certain health institutions (Maack et al., 2018). The benchmarking of possible solutions to improve possible solutions to health disparity and enhance access depends on translational research. Translational research adopts pragmatic approaches to improve accessibility to health by all populations.


Today, many states are altering their scope of practice authority legislations to ensure that nurses can practice to full extent of their training and education. These policy changes have been occasioned by evidence from translational research that adopts a pragmatic approach to ensure that there are solutions to existing health challenges and needs (Stefely et al., 2019). The improved practice environment ensures that more people and populations can access healthcare services in different parts of the country.


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Role of Translational Research in Advancing Equitable access to Health Care Essay

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Discuss the role of translational research in advancing equitable access to health care and preventative services and policies based on population health. Provide an example of a local health care policy that has been recently enacted and or is awaiting legislative passage that has been influenced by research.

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