Role of Nurse Leaders in Innovative Care Models Essay

Role of Nurse Leaders in Innovative Care Models Essay

Role of Nurse Leaders in Innovative Care Models

As innovators, registered nurses and nurse leaders act as change agents to drive processes, policies and leverage technology to offer better, more affordable and accessible care to individuals and communities. Innovative care models are novel models that partner physicians, hospitals and other professionals like nurses to co-lead clinical enterprise and enhance overall care provision. Nurse leaders are role models to their teams in implementing innovative models (Cacchione, 2020). The leaders also teach their team members concerning necessary changes and behavioral approaches needed to promote creative and innovative thinking to enhance care delivery.


The nurse leader’s role is to educate the staff concerning innovative concepts that are critical to implementing value-based health interventions. Leaders offer directions based on their perspectives on issues and their efforts are essential to attainment of employee engagement (Hahn et al., 2019). Through this, they can determine the critical stakeholders in innovative efforts by their organizations. Innovative models of care implore registered nurses to drive the processes and leverage technology to improve inter-professional collaboration through information sharing to develop common treatment plans.

Innovative models of care affect collaboration between advanced registered nurses and other stakeholder in healthcare in different ways. Among these is information sharing for effective shared decision-making and common plan of care. Innovative care models also ensure that registered nurses have a voice and input in process changes and interventions to improve access to care as they engage stakeholders based on their perspectives (Kumaraiah et al., 2020). Through these models, registered nurses can partner with other healthcare workers to generate solutions to problems in the industry like low quality services and the need increase accessibility across care and patient continuum. Therefore, nurse leaders are a critical component of implementing innovative care models and championing for them.


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Role of Nurse Leaders in Innovative Care Models Essay

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Explain the role of the nurse leaders in implementing innovative care models. Explain how innovative modes of care affect collaboration between advanced registered nurses and other stakeholders in the industry.

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