Quality of Life Self-Care Plan Essay

Quality of Life Self-Care Plan Essay

Quality of Life Self-Care Plan Essay

To perform optimally and live happily, people need a quality life. Cohen et al. (2019) illustrated the quality of life as the individual’s health state, comfort, and ability to participate and enjoy events. An analysis of subjective well-being accurately indicates a person’s degree of life quality. Essential focus areas include physical, spiritual, support, and psychological well-being (Cohen et al., 2019). Since the quality of life can be evaluated, several online tools can be used to measure the quality of life. Such an evaluation guides decision-making based on the strengths and weaknesses of a person’s quality of life. The purpose of this paper is to assess my quality of life, analyze my strengths and weaknesses, and set SMART goals to improve each area.

Tool’s Description

The CDC HRQOL-14 “Healthy Days Measure is a tool by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  It helps to assess a person’s quality of life through three modules. They include the healthy days’ core with four questions module, healthy days’ symptoms- five questions, and activity limitations module with five questions (CDC, 2018). I selected the tool since it measures a person’s overall functionality and satisfaction with life. Answering the 14 questions helps determine the long-term and short-term burden of physical and mental health problems. The answers are instrumental to developing a suitable care plan to achieve a stable work-life balance.


Quality of Life Strengths, Maximization, and Implementation

One of the key strengths is optimal physical health since I did not experience a physical illness or injury during the past month (0/30). The other key strength is the absence of a major issue hampering mental health, such as depression and stress (0/30). The CDC’s tool mainly concentrates on the physical and mental health dimensions when measuring the quality of life. A genuine assessment of my condition demonstrates optimal physical and mental health. I will continue engaging more in healthy physical activities, regulating screen time, and interacting with the right people to maximize these strengths. SMART goals include increasing daily walking by 10,000 steps by the end of the month and reducing evening screen time to one hour.

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Quality of Life Self-Care Plan Essay

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Quality of Life Weaknesses, Improvement, and Implementation

Despite optimal physical and mental health, I experienced emotional disturbances in the past month (6/30 days). Watching the Ukraine-Russia war caused massive emotional problems. The other notable weakness was inadequate sleep and rest on some days and minimal engagement in recreation activities (5/30). Emotional instability triggers anxiety and sadness, which affects mental health adversely. Several strategies can be used to improve these weaknesses. The first strategy is to avoid watching news that causes emotional instability. The second strategy is to develop a work-rest plan outlining when to sleep and rest. A suitable SMART goal to improve these weaknesses is increasing sleep time by two hours within thirty days and reducing exposure to emotional news within the same period.


Human beings should be optimally functional to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Such functionality is also required to maintain a healthy school-life balance. As described in this paper, quality of life represents a person’s well-being status. Mental, physical, and emotional health should be optimal for life to achieve the desired quality state. After an individual assessment of the quality of life, a self-care plan is necessary. The primary focus should be maximizing strengths while improving weaknesses using SMART goals.


CDC. (2018). The CDC HRQOL-14 “Healthy Days Measure. https://www.cdc.gov/hrqol/hrqol14_measure.htm

Cohen, S. R., Russell, L. B., Leis, A., Shahidi, J., Porterfield, P., Kuhl, D. R., … & Sawatzky, R. (2019). More comprehensively measuring quality of life in life-threatening illness: the McGill quality of life questionnaire–expanded. BMC Palliative Care18(1), 1-11. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12904-019-0473-y


Using an online search tool such as Google.com, locate and select a free quality of life assessment tool. Assess your quality of life using the tool you selected.In a 2–3-page APA formatted paper (not including the title page or reference page), include the following information:
Describe the tool you selected and why you chose this tool.
Include a link to the tool.
Discuss at least two strengths related to your quality of life.
Identify at least two strategies to maintain or maximize these strengths.
Describe how you would implement these strategies using SMART goals.
Discuss at least two weaknesses related to your quality of life.
Identify at least two strategies to improve these weaknesses.
Describe how you would implement these strategies using SMART goals.
Accurate grammar, spelling, and APA format

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