Project Timeline Graphic Organizer Assignment

Project Timeline Graphic Organizer Assignment

Project Timeline Graphic Organizer Assignment

Project timelines are essential as they give an overview of the implementation of different phases and the individual involved at each stage or level of execution. The proposed project will have set deadlines based on the identified timeframe as shown in the graphic below. The timelines in the project include the following phase; project approval, education development, staff education, go-live date, assessment, and reassessment. The purpose of this paper is to describe these phases and the roles and responsibilities of stakeholder at each step of the implementation.

Project approval

The approval of a project is an initial step that gives project creators and team the green-light to proceed with its implementation. The approval entails getting permission from organizational management based on the collected evidence and rationale for the implementation. The stakeholders involved at this stage include project promoters and teams, change champions and the management (Darchen et al., 2020). The promoters’ role is to convince the management to accept the implementation and offer requisite resources. Change champion focus on highlighting the benefits inherent to the project and the reasons for its implementation. Their responsibilities include advocating its implementation, influencing stakeholders to accept it, and lobbying for resources. The management’s role is to approve and oversight the implementation and also provide required resources.

Education Development

The stage will occur immediately after the approval to collect tools and materials to be disseminated based on the project goals and objectives. Education development will entail having experts create knowledge for the stakeholders and dissemination strategies for effective application and use in the facility.

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Project Timeline Graphic Organizer Assignment

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Staff Education

Providing knowledge to staff will be critical before the roll out of the project. The aim of the project is to improve staff understanding about the interventions to improve care delivery and patient interactions (Nugraha et al., 2022). Therefore, staff education will entail enhancing their awareness on the benefits of the project and changing their attitudes to mitigate possible resistance.

Go-live Date

Going live means that the project team will execute all aspects of the project and integrate it into the organizational system. The go-live date will comprise of different stakeholders with various roles. These would include system vendors and developers, nursing staff, management, informatics nurses, and unit leaders from different departments like pharmacy, laboratory, and outpatient care. These stakeholders will get disseminated information and knowledge about the working of the project.

The vendors and developers will run the project and its components, interfaces, and allow nurses to use the new system to execute their work functions. The management will give a green-light on the impact of the project’s implementation to the nurse managers and leaders while informatics nurses will work collaboratively to integrate these components into the current system. They will also identify any technical issue to the vendors for corrective action.

Assessment and Reassessment

Assessment entails evaluation of the effectiveness of the system to enhance organizational operations. The assessment of the system will be an ongoing process for a period of seven days to ascertain its effectiveness in respect to organizational workflow, efficiency, and interactions with patients and other users(Oberemok & Oberemok, 2018). The assessment team will comprise of informatics nurse, project manager, and a representative from the management with the express role of evaluating the effectiveness of the system in responding to work efficiency and flow of operations. The reassessment will be after one week to ensure that all organizational units are working based on the system’s protocols and all workers adhere to the provisions to improve efficiency. The assessment team will undertake the reassessment roles.


Project Timelines

March 4th                  5th           6th           7th           8th           21st                                                     28th                                          29th         31st
Event Project Approval         Assessment            
        Go-Live       Reassessment        
Task 4                        
    Education Develop                    
      Staff Education                  


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accepted values of stochastic functions of project implementation on their success. International Journal “Information Theories and Applications, 25(4), 389-396.


Assessment Description
The purpose of this assignment is to develop a graphic timeline for the implementation of your project. At a minimum, be sure to include the deadline or timeframe for your:

Project approval
Education development
Staff education
Go-live date
Include the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders in each implementation step. Be sure to provide sufficient detail.
APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to Lopes Write. A link to the Lopes Write technical support articles is located in Class Resources if you need assistance.

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