Practicum Objectives Assignment Essay

Practicum Objectives Assignment Essay

Practicum Objectives Assignment

My clinical practicum objectives at the nursing home include:

  1. Complete taking complete medical history for at least five patients per week with a particular focus on functional status, immunizations, medications, and social history.
  2. Perform a complete physical exam on at least five patients per week with a focus on changes with aging.
  3. Conduct a mental assessment for at least two patients per week presenting with symptoms of geriatric mental disorders.
  4. Conduct geriatric depression assessment for at least two patients per week using tools such as the Geriatric Depression Rating Scale and PHQ-9.
  5. Conduct fall-risk assessment for at least two patients per week and develop care plans for fall-risk patients.
  6. Order and interpret laboratory and diagnostic studies for at least three geriatric patients per week.
  7. Use and interpret at least two validated tools per week to assess patients’ cognition, decision-making capacity, function, driving, gait, and nutritional status.
  8. Develop at least four differential diagnoses for each patient that I conduct the medical, physical, and mental exams.
  9. Develop and implement at least two health education plans for geriatric patients related to issues, such as nutrition, loss of independence, cancer screening, and transitioning to higher levels of care.


Writing Practicum Objectives
Once you have chosen an educational goal, how should I write it?
A well-written learning objective is clear to both student and preceptor. There are three
characteristics of a well-written learning objective:
1. Specific: A learning objective should focus on one particular skill, type of health
problem, or aspect of the management process.
2. Measurable: An objective usually becomes measurable by indicating how many
patients or visits must be completed in order to meet the objective.
3. Attainable: Is the goal reasonable for this clinical quarter? Independent management is
unreasonable for 1st quarter but expected by integration quarter. Is the clinical experience
available at this clinical site? For example, perimenopause management experience may
not be readily available at a given practice.
Guideline to follow when preparing your practicum objectives:
• Limit your objectives to 7 – 10.
• Review course objectives in syllabus to guide your practicum objectives.
• Objectives must be measurable.
• Specialty practicum setting objectives must reflect your patient population (i.e.,
demographic priorities).
• Plan and review your objectives with your preceptor to assure they are attainable.
Cognitive Domain Action Verb Samples – 6 levels of Bloom’s taxonomy
1. Knowledge: define, label, list, name, order, recognize, recall, memorize, reproduce, repeat.
2. Comprehension: identify, describe, explain, locate, recognize, report, review, translate.
3. Application: apply, demonstrate, interpret, practice, schedule.
4. Analysis: analyze, appraise, calculate, categorize, compare, contrast, differentiate, examine.
5. Synthesis: arrange, compose, construct, create, design, formulate, manage, organize.
6. Evaluation: assess, estimate, predict, support, value, evaluate

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