Performance Appraisal at Telespazio: Aligning Strategic Goals to People Development Essay

Performance Appraisal at Telespazio: Aligning Strategic Goals to People Development Essay

Performance Appraisal at Telespazio: Aligning Strategic Goals to People Development Essay

            Founded in 1961, Telespazio has been a leading provider of satellite services based in Brazil. The appraisal system developed by the company appears on the international radar because of its unique operations. Indeed, the company has a twofold performance appraisal system used to implement any change. Profili et al. (2018) assert that the system has been playing a significant role in managing employee decisions and performance. The system is an automation process that aids the company in undertaking promotions, training, rewards, career development, and mobility. The online operations of the system have been making it unique with increased transparency and observation of employee behaviour while focusing on the roles and competencies. The purpose of this paper is to explain how the organization uses the appraisal assessments to identify employee roles, the current appraisal systems, performance ratings, and Telespazio’s practices for performing appraisal interviews.  

Uses of Appraisal Assessments

            The appraisal assessment at Telespazio ensures that the company adopts the correct path of meeting its goals and promoting employee development. TPAD (Telespazio Performance Appraisal for Development) is the main assessment system used by the company on its employees. The procedure aligns with the effective training on employees, compensation, rewarding, and development of professional skills on the employees (Linder & Foss, 2018). While the system is aiming to meet these objectives, it tends to operate on increased levels of transparency while using the performance data from each employee to award employees. The system’s primary role is to equip all employees at the company with modern and new skills that would define the future of the company. The system is inclined towards developing employees with unique skills that would limit imitation of any kind at the company.

            Performance rating at the company is a tried and tested motivation tool allowing employees to develop healthy competition. For instance, the rating would show employees who are performing highly and comparatively lower in ratings. The employees with lower rating performances would strive to learn for the performing employees and the effective ways to increase their ratings. The transparency brought by the process acts as procedural justice to the fairness of awarding promotions (Pisano, 2019). An initial interview is important as it forms the basic ground of collecting primary performance data from the employees. Besides, the interview process aids in outlining the strengths and weaknesses of employees. Determining employees’ strengths and weaknesses plays a significant role in assigning roles for the employees as one would only be assigning a role they can best perform.  

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Performance Appraisal at Telespazio: Aligning Strategic Goals to People Development Essay

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            The culture of conducting interviews allows the management to decide on appraisals. In many companies, conflict always arises in the process of appraisal as a section of employees would feel an increased biasness in the appraisal process (Pisano, 2019). However, conducting the interview with employees aids in gathering primary data that would reveal the employee that deserves a promotion or appraisal. Besides, the process points out the avenues of training that employees need at the company. Transformation of the employees’ weaknesses to strengths requires intense training that would equip them with modern skills to increase their value at the company. The data gained from the process also acts as a show of transparency on employees who deserve rewards, and this aids in managing employee conflicts.


Changes or Strategies for Telespazio

            TPAD system has been in use at the company for many years, and there are high chances of imitation of the tool. Competitors always look for ways of gaining data from their opponents to gain a competitive advantage. This issue is not an exception at Telespazio, and it should not overlook the impact of the competitors. Therefore, diversification of the roles of the tool and changing its application more often increases the uniqueness of the system would further limit the competitors from imitating the tool (Pisano, 2019). However, applying the sample tool again results in poor performance because of the changing environments that favour the application of the tool.  

            The structuring and improvement of the appraisal system require an effective understanding of the varying attitudes of employees. The increased diversity of culture and employees that come with the size of a company would require a comprehensive tool that incorporates people from diverse cultures (Linder & Foss, 2018). The modification of the system to align with the diverse needs brought by cultures would be significant in developing appraisal tools that align with each company. This is because the tool’s success for a company in the US is not the same success that it can give in the UK. Therefore, modification of this tool needs to align with such issues.

Description of The Appraisal Tool and Appraisal Interview

            Telespazio uses SAP as its main management tool. The company has been using this tool because it is efficient and recognized internationally. Despite the significance that this tool has been bringing to the company, there is an increased need to think about the new version of the system that is more effective than the old versions (Profili et al., 2018). Currently, the improved version of SAP offers comprehensive appraisal tools that include unique learning, development, and easier planning on a single platform. Therefore, the company needs to be prompt in adapting the SAP tool to remain competitive in the market.

Benefits of the Appraisal Tool and Appraisal Interview

            Appraisal tools and interviews ensure that the company is in the right direction to meet its designed goals. The tool simplifies management duties and limits errors. The automation of the system would show the input of each employee (Linder & Foss, 2018). The tool also provides feedback that aids in measuring against the expected standard review process. The appraisal interview leads a company to employee data that would be effective in making an informed decision about issues affecting employees within an organization. Data plays an important role in managing a company. However, there have to be effective measures of collecting important data to ensure that the accuracy of the information gained from the appraisal interviews would reflect the situation of the employees at an organization.


            Telespazio should focus on a system that automatically responds to an update and assumes an automatic software update. Secondly, the company should heighten the uniqueness of the TPAD tool to imitate other companies from copying the tool.  


            Telespazio has topped the list in effective management of employees through the TPAD tool. Employee evaluations and performance appraisals have been forming the central pillar of the success of its operations. This is defined by effective determinations of employees’ problems and solutions of employee problems through the training process to increase the efficiency of each employee. Praising better performance and citing areas that need improvement are practices that companies can be doing to develop ways of retaining employees. The appraisal tools and interviews are a great source of determining the ability of each worker in an organization.


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Read the Performance Appraisal at Telespazio: Aligning Strategic Goals to People Development case study located in Topic resources. Discuss the assessment of employees within the Telespazio organization.

In 1,000-1,250 words, explain how the organization uses the appraisal assessments to identify employee roles, the current appraisal systems, performance ratings, and Telespazio’s practices for performing appraisal interviews. Decide what changes or strategies could be implemented to current performance appraisal practices. Consider a new performance appraisal tool that would benefit this highly matrixed, global company and an effective method for conducting a performance appraisal interview. Describe the benefits of using both the proposed appraisal tool and appraisal interview during the performance evaluation process. Suggest a minimum of two recommendations to Telespazio leadership which would meet the performance appraisal expectations of fair and realistic criterion, and professional development and motivation of the employees.

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