Organizational Readiness Tools Essay

Organizational Readiness Tools Essay

Organizational Readiness Tools Essay

An organizational readiness assessment is important when implementing change initiatives. The assessment provides organizational stakeholders insights into the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities that can be explored to achieve the desired outcomes. Tools of organizational readiness assessment exist. The selected for this discussion are the Organizational Readiness Change Assessment (ORCA) and Patient Assessment of Chronic Illness Care (PACIC) tools. ORCA is a tool utilized in practice to evaluate the level and significance of evidence associated with a change initiative. The tool guides the adoption of modifications in the existing systems and structures to drive the desired performance and excellence in an organization (Crittendon et al., 2020). The use of the tool entails evaluating evidence with patient preference and clinical experience and selecting the best approaches that can be used to implement change successfully in an organization.

The PACIC tool is used in assessing the effectiveness of interventions adopted to treat patients suffering from chronic illnesses. The tool acquires subjective experiences of the patient with the care processes. It assesses domains of care that include delivery system, activation, problem-solving, goal setting, and follow-up (Arditi et al., 2018). The most appropriate tool for use in assessing my organization is the ORCA tool. The tool provides a detailed understanding of the organizational aspects that influence change. The tool also provides systematic approaches to introducing change in healthcare. The implementers of change can measure the effectiveness of the strategies adopted in each stage of change and introduce new interventions to achieve outcomes. The tool also supports continuous innovation and the use of evidence-based practices in healthcare. The use of the tool provides healthcare providers insights into care interventions that work and those ineffective and guides change processes to enhance outcomes (Kononowech et al., 2021). Therefore, I would recommend its use in assessing my organization.


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Crittendon, D. R., Cunningham, A., Payton, C., Mills, G., Kelly, S., LaNoue, M., & Arenson, C. (2020). Organizational Readiness to Change: Quality Improvement in Family Medicine Residency. PRiMER : Peer-Review Reports in Medical Education Research, 4, 14.

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Organizational Readiness Tools Essay

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Kononowech, J., Hagedorn, H., Hall, C., Helfrich, C. D., Lambert-Kerzner, A. C., Miller, S. C., Sales, A. E., & Damschroder, L. (2021). Mapping the organizational readiness to change assessment to the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research. Implementation Science Communications, 2(1), 19.


Compare two organizational readiness tools. Identify the tool you selected and explain why it is most appropriate for assessing your organization.

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