Objectives and Strategies Essay

Objectives and Strategies Essay

Objectives and Strategies

An organization’s objectives, overall strategy, and operation are key in directing what it delivers and how best it serves its clients (Ginter et al., 2018). Therefore, it is always prudent to align the goals and objectives of a proposed intervention with those of the organization where the intervention is to be implemented. One of the organization’s goals is to offer enhanced patient satisfaction by offering safe and efficient patients. The other goal is to ensure that the organization’s staff work in an enabling and conducive environment that motivates them to offer their best and improve their performance. Therefore, in efforts to enhance performance, the organization focused on cleaning up emergency department orders hence going live with the computerized provider order entries. All the nursing orders were loaded into the emergency nursing order during the process since there was limited time to separate other orders from the emergency department nursing orders. The results have been a bogging down of the emergency department nurses with nursing orders for every department.


The proposed solution is the separation of the emergency department orders for the emergency department nurses, which will see the emergency department, operate more efficiently and productively. Improving performance in hospital departments sometimes require changes and adjustments (Yarmohammadian et al., 2017). Therefore, the goal of the proposed solution is to ensure that the performance of patient care at the emergency department is improved. This goal is aligned to one of the overall organizational goals of enhancing patient satisfaction by providing effective and safe care. Indeed, by separating the nursing orders, patients at the emergency department will be served faster and more efficiently hence improving their satisfaction. The other aim is to lighten the work performed by the emergency department nurses since they will be able to focus solely on the emergency department nursing orders without having to worry about orders in other departments. Such steps are key in addressing various problems such as nurses’ burnout (Reith, 2018). This aligns with the overall aim of offering a conducive environment to the organization’s staff.


Ginter, P. M., Duncan, W. J., & Swayne, L. E. (2018). The strategic management of health care organizations. John Wiley & Sons.

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Objectives and Strategies Essay

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Reith, T. P. (2018). Burnout in United States healthcare professionals: a narrative review. Cureus10(12). https://dx.doi.org/10.7759%2Fcureus.3681

Yarmohammadian, M. H., Rezaei, F., Haghshenas, A., & Tavakoli, N. (2017). Overcrowding in emergency departments: a review of strategies to decrease future challenges. Journal of research in medical sciences: the official journal of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences22. https://dx.doi.org/10.4103%2F1735-1995.200277

Outline the organization’s objectives and overall strategy and operations. Explain how the goals and objectives of the proposed informatics solution align to those of the organization
The organizations objective is to clean up the ED nursing orders. In retrospect when the organization went live with the CPOE all nursing orders were loaded into the ED nursing orders as there was no time to separate inpatient nursing orders from ED nursing orders and as a result the ED nurses have been bogged down with nursing orders for the entire hospital all departments. My goals and proposed solution align with the goals of the Organization to separate the ED orders for the ED nurses and by doing so this will allow the ED to function more productively and more efficiently

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