Nursing Education and Positive Patient Outcomes Essay

Nursing Education and Positive Patient Outcomes Essay

Nursing Education and Positive Patient Outcomes

The society is going through significant changes that affect nursing education and health care. Nursing care has become increasingly complex, with the roles of registered nurses becoming more demanding. Nurses must be more efficient and effective in understanding how health care, societal, and educational changes affect health outcomes (Cherry & Jacob, 2019). Patient safety is a primary goal among nurses and health care providers, with failure to provide quality and safe care leading to adverse health outcomes, including severe debilitation and death. Scholars study the correlation between nursing education and positive health outcomes.


Audet et al. (2019) explored the relationship between nurse experience and education and adverse events and mortality. It also sought to explain the benefits to patients and organizations of the recommendations by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report that 80% of registered nurses should have a baccalaureate degree by 2020. The study concluded that higher levels of education are related to low risks of failure to rescue and mortality. Sloane et al. (2018) assert that higher educational preparation and nurses’ experiences coincide with improved patient safety and quality of care. Higher education also equips nurses with more knowledge and skills in data analysis, quality improvement (QI) and evidence-based practice (EBP).

Based on a real-life experience, I agree with the findings of the earlier mentioned research articles. My education preparation has enabled me to be more careful while delivering health services to avoid medical errors. I consult research articles to inform the best health practices, be more inquisitive, think critically, and intelligently curious when I encounter medical instructions, such as drug prescriptions that physicians may order incorrectly.


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Nursing Education and Positive Patient Outcomes Essay

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Discuss the correlation between nursing education and positive patient outcomes. Include current research that links patient safety outcomes to advanced degrees in nursing. Based on some real-life experiences, explain whether you agree or disagree with this research.

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