NURS665E Week 16: Nursing Education Practicum Documentation (NEPD) Form, Competency 8 Essay

NURS665E Week 16: Nursing Education Practicum Documentation (NEPD) Form, Competency 8 Essay

NUR-665E Nursing Education Practicum

Directions:Complete the documentation form. Type in your response in the unshaded box below each question. The form will expand for as long as you type. The purpose of this assignment is to document meeting the competency and to promote deep reflection on your practicum activities. Consider reviewing course textbooks: Certified Nurse Educator Review Book: The Official NLN Guide to the CNE Exam and NLN Core Competencies for Nurse Educators: A Decade of Influence for suggested practicum activities.


Nurse Educator Competency 8:Function Effectively Within the Organizational Environment and the Academic Community.
  Learner Name:Date(s):
Complete this section before you begin the weeks’clinical. Learning Goals: What do you want to accomplish for Competency 8: Function Effectively Within the Organizational Environment and the Academic Community?

Be sure your goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timebound (S.M.A.R.T. goals).

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NURS665E Week 16: Nursing Education Practicum Documentation (NEPD) Form, Competency 8 Essay

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Some goals should reflect higher cognitive learning levels in Bloom’s taxonomy.

My goal/s for this competency is/are to:

Ø  Apply my communicationand social skills in connecting with colleagues and patients at the facility.

Ø  Propose activities that encourage outreach in the community and good relationships with the people.

Ø  Develop a good rapport with my preceptor to gain more information about the facility and patient health needs.

Resources and Strategies: What type of resources or strategies will you utilize to accomplish your learning goals? Include both human and material resources.
The resources (human and material) and strategies I need to meet my weekly goal are:

Ø  Nursing research articles and journal

Ø  Internet access search

Ø  Reading more books that enlighten more on good communication skills

Ø  Nursing journals.

Measurement: How will you know that you have accomplished your learning goal(s)? What criteria will you use to measure this?
The criteria I will use to measure my goals are:

Ø  My ability to relate with the community and understand some of their health concerns.

Ø  My ability to communicate effectively with patients and colleagues to comprehend the surroundingenvironment.

Ø  My ability to interact, communicate and monitor patient’s conditions without meeting them physically. 


Complete this section after you complete the weeks’ clinical. Evaluation: Did you meet your goal? What did you accomplish that you can use as evidence that you met your learning goals?


Did you meet your goal? Why or why not?

Yes, I met my objective outline.

Reflect on Competency 8, analyzing your practicum experiences: Be sure to connect your experiences directly to the competency.

            My practicum practice has been important in understanding my role as a nurse to the community and my colleagues. I used to reason that being a competent nurse involves stepping up to the plate and proving you possess that strength, courage, and dedication to your subordinates. However, I define effective nursing as directing a team or an organization towards a shared goal while serving as their role model (Thomas et al., 2021). In healthcare, it entails motivating, inspiring, and coordinating health providers and other support staff towards improving patients’ experience and clinical outcomes. Being a leader in an organization involves adopting suitable strategies and skills to help you win the loyalty and trust of your colleagues and senior management. Besides, health care leadership is pivoted on the capacity to recognize priorities, offer tactical direction to numerous players within the health organization, and fashion commitment across the health segment to attend the primacies to enhance health services.

An experience I got while working at this facility has informed my thought about healthcare leadership. It was my first time working at the facility, and I had no experience in dealing with the aged population. At first, I was very nervous (Zhang et al., 2019). I could not understand the needs of the elderly population. Some talked endlessly; others could ask the same question many times. I could not bear responding to one question more than ten times in a day. However, after working at the unit for a few months, I adapted well, and my passion for attending to these patients was enhanced. The unit taught me the significance of communication, commitment, and flexibility in leadership.

            Experience gained from my practicum appliesa collaborative approach towards developing success team or an organization, and it is dynamic, exhilarating, and inspirational. Besides, authentic leaders exhibit a high degree of self-awareness. They acknowledge strengths and weaknesses (Haldane et al., 2019). They can control their emotions and reaction depending on the presenting situation. I also noticed that social communication differs from professional communication in that it is goal-oriented. I appreciated the importance of listening skills, which entails observing, hearing, and absorbing what a communication partner says, interpreting, and responding appropriately.Effective communication was important in understanding the surrounding environmentand developing alink between the community, nurses, and the academic community studying at the facility.

            I had a good time during my practicum experience, and I met all the objectives specified for the practicum program. I was able to apply theory to patient care situations. Effective understanding of the environment acts as the best place where theoretical knowledge begins to make sense. I was constantly exposed to different clinical conditions, which required integrating academic and practical knowledge.

Clinical hours completed this topic:

Total clinical hours completed to date:


Haldane, V., Chuah, F. L., Srivastava, A., Singh, S. R., Koh, G. C., Seng, C. K., &Legido-Quigley, H. (2019). Community participation in health services development, implementation, and evaluation: A systematic review of empowerment, health, community, and process outcomes. PloS one, 14(5), e0216112.

Thomas, B. E., Thiruvengadam, K., Rani, S., Gangadhar Rao, V., Yadav, R., Paluru, V., … & Kaur, H. (2021). Understanding health care-seeking behaviour of the tribal population in India among those with presumptive TB symptoms. PloS one, 16(5), e0250971.

Zhang, S., Chen, Q., & Zhang, B. (2019). Understanding healthcare utilization in China through the Andersen behavioral model: review of evidence from the China health and nutrition survey. Risk management and healthcare policy, 12, 209.


Topic 16 Nursing Education Practicum Documentation (NEPD) Form: Competency 8
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Assessment Description
The “Nursing Education Practicum Documentation (NEPD) Forms” provide weekly, competency-based documentation of clinical practicum activities and are utilized by learners to communicate practicum experiences to course faculty. Be sure to read the instructions on the forms for information on how to complete the assignment before you begin.

Using the “Nursing Education Practicum Documentation (NEPD) Form: Competency 8,” write goals for what you will accomplish in this topic and how you will evaluate your accomplishments. The NEPD form uses the nursing process and follows the format of a nursing care plan, so this should be familiar to you.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are not required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.

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