NUR665E WEEK 16 -Professional e-Portfolio Essay

 NUR665E WEEK 16 -Professional e-Portfolio Essay

 NUR665E WEEK 16 -Professional e-Portfolio Essay

Professional e-Portfolio

            An e-portfolio refers to an “electronic portfolio”: a digital collection of evidence and artifacts that represents the knowledge, skills, and accomplishments of an individual or group. These artifacts can include a variety of resources such as documents and files from successful projects, proof of competencies and skill advancement in the form of certificates and badges, and relevant experiences and achievements. A good e-portfolio is about being a product (a digital collection of artifacts) and a process (reflecting on those artifacts and what they represent). Like a Learning Management System (LMS), e-Portfolios exist online and support student learning (Nguyen et al., 2018). The purpose of this assignment is for the nursing education learner to have a forum to showcase personal achievements and to demonstrate current qualifications in preparation for certification as a nurse educator or in seeking a position as a nurse educator.

Personal Assessment

            The professional practice in nursing has effectively nurtured various nursing skills that prepare me for life in the field. Facilitating learning is one of the NLN competencies that inspire nurses to continue learning to advance nursing skills. Reflecting upon my strengths, attitudes, and values have been important in identifying the need for improvement and modifying my ability to maintain a learner-centered approach in nurse education. I will be using various strategies to incorporate technology in classroom learning and keep the learners more engaged. In facilitating learning, I will assess my students and provide a customized strategy that would align with a wide range of students (Nguyen et al., 2018).). In my course, I have been interacting with a diverse group of learners who have been instrumental in creating a safe environment for learning. After my practicum, I would like to reflect on my work and learn from past failures. Besides, I would like to build my personal teaching style and use my attributes to integrate evidence-based education that would further aid in enriching the learner experience.

            I would like to facilitate learner development and socialization. The training I have been receiving as a nurse through my class work and the practicum practices has been effective in understanding the needs of nurses. The training offered allowed us to have a sense of seriousness at work by reducing the notion of working for salary to improve patients’ health in the health care delivery system. Health care management has different options for changing nurses’ perception within the institutions (Stamps et al., 2021). Right now, I feel that motivated nurses would carry out extraordinary services that non-motivated nurses cannot perform. My pledge is to maintain the current licenses and increase the participation of nurses in any nursing forum. Besides, I would as well heighten the behavioral standards in my institutions that would further be imperative in molding nurses to become professional nurses.

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 NUR665E WEEK 16 -Professional e-Portfolio Essay

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            Using assessment and evaluation strategies will form the core of my nursing educator practice. Throughout my course in nursing, I am able to appreciate that the health care situations and conditions often change with time. These changes affect the nursing workforce in any health care delivery institution (Raymond et al., 2018). For example, each country would vary in standard health assessment policies depending on the option they deem effective for the health care system in a country. The policymakers would want the health care institutions to align with the new policies, which would always aid in streamlining the health care delivery system. All the health care policies ratified in a country are meant to improve the health care system and allow health practitioners and patients to have a common interest. Allowing nurses to understand these changes and promoting new evidence would be important in upgrading critical thinking and healthcare outcomes.


            I will be functioning as a nurse leader in my institution. The role of a change leader is to develop effective measures that would outline changes required to meet the needs of healthcare. I am able to understand the operation and use of the modern technology applied in healthcare delivery. While health care centers would be looking for competent nurses, they also need to find nurse informatics who understands technology operations. The technology eliminates manual services in the option by improved technological services that increase speed and reduce healthcare delivery errors (Raymond et al., 2018). However, the effective application of modern technology comes with heavy investment in the training of nurses. For instance, my skills in the modern use of technological devices in offering care services allow them to integrate from the manual way of offering these services to the improved technology of offering care services.

            I will be focusing on the participation of curriculum design and evaluation of program outcomes. These activities will be important in understanding the best teaching measures that would result in competent nurses. I have diverse skills that make me unique among other nurses. The effectiveness of nurses comes from the diversity of skills that makes the team unique and able to meet its goals from different dimensions. Health care institutions often work towards attaining a dynamic team that would allow the clinic to thrive in all situations (Raymond et al., 2018). The resilience of a company comes from a dynamic team. Well, structured tasks and high task interdependence allow the connection of employees’ roles that further affect their ability to meet the needs of a company. Divided teams always affect employees’ morale, while a united team would always find effective ways of developing a unique team design that solves problems facing a company.

            I will be working to improve quality in as a nurse educator continuously. The training I have received as a nurse student has been equipping me with skills that I will be applying to increase healthcare delivery quality (Raymond et al., 2018). As I undergo the current transformation of becoming a competent educator, I will be emulating the features of commitment, fairness, availability, innovative teaching strategies, and effective communication.

            I will be in close connection with institutions offering nursing scholarships. This will ensure that I heighten my participation in the advancement of nursing science. The commitment to lifelong training through scholarship would be important in widening nursing research (Stamps et al., 2021). This role will further demonstrate my desired values of humility, integrity, and a spirit of adventure. I will be maintaining my commitment to grow professionally.

            I will be ready to function within my educational environment by selecting an institution with similar missions and values to meet my professional advancement (Stamps et al., 2021). Effective functioning in this environment, I will be collaborating and networking with the political and social influences within the environment. This plan will help to advocate for nurses within my community.


            A nurse educator needs special skills that aid one in fitting the nursing society. Modern technology has brought better options for carrying out health care services. Many health care institutions have been increasing their attention on the inclusion of modern technology in health care delivery because of the positive impact technology has on the quality of services offered to patients. These are additional measures that sharpen the skills of nurses in health care institutions.


Nguyen, V. N., Forbes, H., Mohebbi, M., & Duke, M. (2018). The effect of preparation strategies, qualification and professional background on clinical nurse educator confidence. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 74(10), 2351-2362.

Raymond, C., Profetto-McGrath, J., Myrick, F., & Strean, W. B. (2018). Balancing the seen and unseen: Nurse educator as role model for critical thinking. Nurse education in practice, 31, 41-47.

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Week 16 – Professional e-Portfolio

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Assessment Description
The purpose of this assignment is for the nursing education learner to have a forum to showcase personal achievements and to demonstrate current qualifications in preparation for certification as a nurse educator or in seeking a position as a nurse educator.

There is no right way to create a professional portfolio. Organizations that utilize this format for clinical advancement or peer review may have a standard format that is to be followed for submission. Organizations may also require a portfolio as part of a job application. These may or may not have specific formatting guidelines. Portfolios need to be created as e-portfolios in the website Folio Spaces listed in the topic Resources. The portfolio must contain the following pieces:

A teaching philosophy based on the knowledge and experience gained from this program which integrates Boyer’s model of scholarship.
Updated resume/CV, license, and credentials.
A reference list with at least three references (one professional and two personal). In the reference list, include the contact information for each reference.
A summary of the National League for Nursing (NLN) eight competencies for nurse educators, describing your accomplishments in each of the eight areas.
Optional: Learners can include any items from the MSN-Ed program that represent a specific achievement related to the nurse educator role.
While APA format is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected and in-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are not required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.

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