NUR 646E: Practicum Goals Essay

NUR 646E: Practicum Goals Essay

NUR 646E: Practicum Goals Essay

Learners have different abilities in understanding. Therefore, there is a need to meet each student at their points of need. My relationship with my students will be significant in understanding the learning abilities of each student and applying the most important teaching model that meets the needs of most students in the class (Günay & Kılınç, 2018). The purpose of this assignment is to outline my practicum goals, propose a timeline for meeting the goals and how to overcome challenges faced during my practicum journey.

My Practicum Goals

  • To become a better nurse educator in the classroom and professional settings by applying different evidence-based teaching methods.
  • To apply appropriate teaching methods depending on the classroom settings.
  • To be able to integrate the theoretical teaching methods into practice.
  • To develop proper communication skills with my students by cultivating a positive attitude and emotional stability while interacting with them.
  • To formulate appropriate questions that can be used in testing learners’ understanding of the content.


Proposed Schedule for Meeting the Goals

I will meet my first goal within the first two weeks of the practicum. The initial stage of achieving the learning goals will rely on facing nursing students, learning effective teaching methods, and using evidence-based teaching strategies that foster learning. Introducing new teaching theories in class would be significant in understanding the learning methods that fit many students (Horntvedt et al., 2018). I will meet my second objective within the third week of my practicum practice. During this time, I will be working on becoming skilled in augmenting the critical thinking ability of my students while exploring the most effective teaching methods to enhance learning.

I will meet my third goal within the fourth and fifth weeks of my practice in my assigned classroom. Integration of the theocratical concept into practice requires more time because of the numerous theories students need to learn in class (Kalanlar, 2018). Again, my fourth objective will also be achieved within the sixth and seventh week because of the importance of communication in understanding students in a classroom setting. I will complete my fifth goal in the eighth week of my practice because, at this time, I will be finalizing my practicum by majoring in assessing the skills that students have gained in the last eight weeks of learning.

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NUR 646E: Practicum Goals Essay

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Transferring my nursing skills to students will be a new experience that will be faced numerous challenges. Meeting the learning needs of all students will be one of the great challenges because students have diverse abilities in learning (Ward et al., 2018). However, I would mitigate this by grouping my students into fast and slow learners to apply the most effective teaching method to each group.


Practicum offers a chance to apply my nursing skills to nursing students. As such, it is key to set realistic and achievable objectives or goals. These five goals would define my success in practicum. Additional help from the preceptor would be important in developing top-notch skills in dealing with patients.


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Assessment Description
This assignment requires your collaboration with the course faculty and practicum preceptor early on to establish goals for successful completion of your practicum requirements.

Develop a 250-500-word narrative for completing your practice hours and how objectives will be met. Include the following in your narrative:

Five practicum goals that relate to course objectives, course deliverables, and your personal and professional development needs in your practicum setting.

A proposed schedule to meet your goals and the 50 required practicum hours you must accumulate during this course.

A description of any challenges you expect to encounter and strategies to help you overcome these challenges.

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