NRS 4900503: Capstone Change Project Topics

NRS 4900503: Capstone Change Project Topics

NRS 4900503: Capstone Change Project Topics

Change projects play an essential role in appraising the general preparedness of health care settings and utilize innovative approaches to address distinct issues within the health care system and population health concerns. This paper proposes potential topics for this capstone change project.

Reducing Childhood Obesity

The needs assessment revealed widespread cases of childhood obesity in the community. Childhood obesity is currently a primary public health concern that affects hundreds of millions of children internationally. The pandemic is increasing at alarming rates and it is associated with a wide range of avoidable non-communicable chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension, and asthma. Some of these conditions can potentially present severe health issues in adulthood (Smith et al., 2020). As such, it is important to address childhood obesity to prevent its devastating impacts on children and enhance the quality of life in children.

Addressing Nurse Burnout

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NRS 4900503: Capstone Change Project Topics

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The needs assessment has revealed severe nurse burnout in the facility. The current health care system is complex, technologically advanced, and highly stressful, which compromises the ability of nurses to discharge their responsibilities effectively due to stress and burnout. Therefore, this change project may consider focusing on mindfulness mediation among nurse practitioners to improve their overall attention, empathy, and presence with patients and families (Bianchini & Copeland, 2021).


Handling Nursing Incivility

Workplace incivility is common in health care settings and manifests in different forms such as violence, bullying, and harassment. Nurses are the health care professionals who are commonly affected by this concern. Therefore, this change project can address workplace incivility to help in preventing its adverse impacts such as mental health effects, performance reduction, and demoralization of nurses (Alshehry et al., 2019).

Implementing Physical Activity in the Management of Chronic Diseases

Physical activity is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle and is recommended for a general population.  In particular, physical activity can be an effective intervention in the management of chronic conditions such as heart diseases and diabetes. The focus is placed on improved health outcomes, fitness, quality of life, and reduction in hospital readmissions.


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Smith, J. D., Fu, E., & Kobayashi, M. A. (2020). Prevention and management of childhood obesity and its psychological and health comorbidities. Annual review of clinical psychology, 16, 351-378.


Assessment Description
Work with your preceptor to perform a needs assessment of the organization and community for your practicum. Review the needs assessment to identify possible project topics. In preparation for the capstone change project proposal, compile a list of three to five possible topics for your project and submit to the assignment instructor in the digital classroom.

You are not required to submit this assignment to Lopes Write. My preceptor is Anitra Daniels out of California Her workplace is Ameri-Cal Weight Clinic- I hope the instructions are clear enough just wanted to let you know who the preceptor is and where she works at. She is a Nurse Practitioners

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