NR602 Week 1: Clinical Site Discussion

NR 602 Week 1 Clinical Site Discussion

NR 602 Week 1 Clinical Site Discussion

NR 602 Week 1 Clinical Site Discussion Purpose

The purpose of this assignment is to facilitate a dialogue about the student’s practicum rotation with the class.

NR 602 Week 1 Clinical Site Discussion Activity Learning Outcomes

Through this assignment, the student will:

  1. Discuss the details of his/her practicum site and tentative schedule (CO 6)
  2. Identify his/her feelings about starting the first clinical rotation (CO 6)
  3. Identify potential barriers to successful completion of the clinical requirements (CO 5, 6)

NR 602 Week 1 Clinical Site Discussion Due Date:

The student must submit the initial post to the Week 1 Discussion Board by 11:59pm MT on Wednesday.

Total Points Possible: 50

**To view the grading criteria/rubric, please click on the 3 dots in the upper in the box at the end of the solid gray bar, above the discussion board title, and then Show Rubric.

NR 602 Week 1 Clinical Site Discussion Requirements:

  1. Provide the following information (if more than one list them each separately):
    • Name of site
    • Location (city, state) of the practicum location
    • Type of practice (i.e., IM, Peds, FP)
    • Are there any age restrictions for patients at this office? (i.e., this office does not see children under the age of 12, etc.)
    • What is your tentative clinical schedule at the practicum?
    • Does your preceptor(s) have any other students at the same time?
  2. Discuss your feelings about starting your first practicum rotation (good or bad) and identify at least 3 possible factors which might be barriers to your success in completion of the clinical requirements.



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NR602 Week 1: Clinical Site Discussion

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Week 1: Readings
Due Sunday by 11:59pm Points None
Schuiling, K. D., & Likis, F. E. (2017). Women’s gynecologic health (3rd ed.). Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

Chapter 5: Gynecological Anatomy & Physiology
Chapter 6: Gynecological History and Physical Examination
Chapter 7: Periodic Screening and Health Maintenance
Chapter 11: Contraception
Chapter 15: Breast Conditions
Chapter 29: Anatomy and Physiologic Adaptations of Normal Pregnancy
Chapter 30: Diagnosis of Pregnancy and Overview of Prenatal Care

NR 602 Week 1 Clinical Site Discussion Example Approach

Clinical site information

  1. Name of site: Family Medicine – Grayslake
  2. Practicum location: Grayslake, IL
  3. Type of practice: Family practice
  4. Patient age restrictions: No age restrictions
  5. Tentative clinical schedule: The office is open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 9am to 5pm, and Tuesdays 9am to 7pm. My schedule differs each week depending on my work schedule.
  6. Other students with preceptor: There are a couple other NP students at my clinical site.

Feelings about clinical rotation

As my preceptor is a family medicine physician, I have been seeing patients of all ages. I am still trying to get comfortable with interactions with babies and children as I have very limited experience with pediatrics, do not have children, and have always worked with adult patients NR 602 Week 1 Clinical Site Discussion. Interacting with and providing care for young patients has been a learning curve for me.

Women’s health is another area I am not confident in, so I will continue to try to seek out experiences in this area when they arise at the office NR 602 Week 1 Clinical Site Discussion. I am hoping with this course I will become more familiar in pediatrics and women’s health issues so that I will become for confident in those areas and in the care of these patients.

Barriers to success in completing clinical requirements

Having other students at my clinical site can be a barrier since it can affect what days I can come into the office. Luckily, it is a very busy practice and the site limits the number of students who can come per day. This helps so that we are able to see patients consistently throughout the day. Another barrier is that I am still working, which limits the days that I can go into clinical.

Since I did have difficulty getting my hours during the last clinical, I requested some vacation days throughout this course so that I will be able to make up some hours and to ensure that I am able to complete the 125 hours needed NR 602 Week 1 Clinical Site Discussion.

Another barrier to completing clinical requirements is that my preceptor does not routinely do women’s health assessments, such as Pap smears and IUD insertions. He is willing to do Pap smears in the office, especially if we request some women’s health experiences. As long as there are available patients, I think I will be able to obtain some clinical experiences in this area.

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