Mitigation Plan and Steps Essay

Mitigation Plan and Steps Essay

Mitigation Plan and Steps Essay

At the start of a project, the project manager should always ensure that all the objectives are achievable. However, cases of missing the objectives are not an exception because of various factors that might have led to the failure of the project (Kaur & Singh, 2018). This discussion will address the event that a project outcome fails to meet performance measures and describe the mitigation plans and steps to be implemented.

If a project fails to meet its performance measures, it implies that various issues affected the project from meeting its desired objectives. For instance, a failure would imply that the design was incorrect, lack of dedication among the employees, and ignoring change when implementing a new system (White et al., 2019). The solution to these issues requires an effective mitigation plan that would limit any project from recording such a failure.

Conducting an effective risk management plan is one of the mitigation measures that aid in reducing the failure of a project. The project manager would understand the nature of the project, including the natural distress that is likely to affect the project. The reduction of the effects of the disasters in the hazard mitigation plan saves more resources and property. In implementing the mitigation plans, understanding the user needs is the first step as it aids in designing the end-users of the project (White et al., 2019). Then recognizing the risk that recurs is also effective in allowing the project to design its ways of reducing the risks. Besides, using the correct skills in the implementation plan would be important in implementing an effective mitigation plan.


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Mitigation Plan and Steps Essay

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In the event that the project outcomes do not meet the performance measures, describe a mitigation plan and steps for how it could be implemented.

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