Mission of Nurse Corps Scholarship Program Paper

Mission of Nurse Corps Scholarship Program Paper

Mission of Nurse Corps Scholarship Program Paper

The mission of the Nurse Corps is “to provide qualified and dedicated nurses to provide amazing care to patients in underserved communities”. The mission resonates with my career purpose of making an impact among underserved communities. Underserved populations phase various challenges, including health access and other negative social determinants, leading to profound health disparities and health vulnerabilities. From my childhood, I recognized that nursing would give me the best opportunity to create a difference in people’s lives. My passion and compassion for serving people in underprivileged situations have shaped my education and career decisions throughout my life. For example, in high school, I enrolled on the BOCES, subsequently participating in a nursing program and earning an LPN certificate. Additionally, I have taken multiple medical mission trips to provide health-related services to poor and underserved communities.

My major career goal is to become a Nurse Practitioner. Having advanced knowledge and skills as an NP expands my capacity to provide care and support to underserved communities. I strive to use my abilities to practice to the full extent of my education and training. The Nurse Corps Scholarship program is vital for me because of the opportunity to advance my training, which will equip me with adequate skills, knowledge, and experience to execute my career goals. After educational training, working with underserved communities will be an added advantage to lay a stable foundation for my long-term goals. Working in a resource-strained and challenging practice environment is an opportunity to enrich my problem-solving and creative skills. The situations require innovative and evidence-based solutions to deal with existing and emerging complex practice challenges and enhance health outcomes for underserved populations.

I am a highly dedicated person who goes against all odds to achieve any go I set. I have come this far because of passion and perseverance. I believe no challenge will be too hard to overcome as I strive to be part of a team serving underserved communities to contribute to health equity and healthy populations. Getting the scholarship will mean so much to me in fulfilling my life’s destiny.


response should be limited to 500 word count or less (about a full page with spacing) in Times New Roman 12 font. write an essay entailing HOW I WILL CONTRIBUTE TO THE MISSION OF THE NURSE CORPS SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM IN PROVIDING CARE TO UNDERSERVED COMMUNITIES AND HOW DOES THIS ALIGN WITH YOUR COMMITMENT TO PURSUE A CAREER IN NURSING? THE ONE PAGE ESSAY should entail the MISSION OF THE NURSE CORPS SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM which is : The Nurse Corps Scholarship Program (Nurse Corps SP) provides scholarships to nursing students in exchange for a minimum two-year full-time service commitment, at an eligible health care facility in an UNDERSERVED AREA with a critical shortage of nurses. The Nurse Corps SP is a competitive program administered by HHS’ Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). HRSA IMPROVES THE HEALTH OF UNDERSERVED AND VULNERABLE POPULATIONS BY STRENGTHENING THE HEALTH WORKFORCE AND CONNECTING SKILLED PROFESSIONALS TO COMMUNITIES IN NEED. THE NURSE CORPS SP CARRIES OUT THIS MISSION BY GROWING THE WORKFORCE IN UNDERSERVED COMMUNITIES. The Nurse Corps SP strives to select recipients who are more likely to remain at their service sites and continue serving those in need even after they fulfill the service commitment. Nurse Corps SP participants have the opportunity to increase access to care by delivering nursing services in eligible health care facilities with a critical shortage of nurses.

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Mission of Nurse Corps Scholarship Program Paper

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I will include an attachment that outlines my commitment to purse a career in nursing.

the requirements for this essay is to be limited to only one page no more then 500 words double spaced. even though the attachment is lengthy , please pick and choose what you will like from that attachment to the essay you will create. or choose your own words altogether sticking to THE MISSION OF THE NURSE CORPS SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM, UNDERSERVED COMMUNITIES AND MY COMMITMENT.

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