Mental Healthcare Essay

Mental Healthcare Essay

Mental Healthcare Essay

Mental health issues ought to be treated like any other health issue. However, it is unfortunately sometimes people with mental health problems are stigmatized, a situation that makes them reluctant to seek medical health services. Of great concern is the fact that people with health conditions often fear the workplace’s reprisal if they seek mental health care with employer-provided insurance. Many people seek healthcare services in other institutions because they fear being profiled by their fellow employees or even their employers (Kirsh et al., 2018). People with mental health issues experience unique challenges that may be characterized by easy irritation, low energy, and depressed moods that are likely to affect their work performance. Having a reliable healthcare system to address such cases in the workplace is critical. The purpose of this assignment is to identify the system changes that can be adopted to improve the situation and the role of the nurses in getting more people in need of such services.

The system can be improved by creating awareness of mental health issues and the available treatment options. The workplace environment ought to be friendly to all the employees and allow them to raise their issues and seek help without any prejudgment. Such can only be achieved when significant education and mental health awareness is enrolled in the organization (Kirsh et al., 2018). It should let known that nearly everybody has suffered mental health problems at one point in life. Such will help people understand that matter health is not a laughable condition that should be stigmatized. Also, forums can be created where the employees share their experiences in terms of mental health issues to reduce stigma and promote open-mindedness. People with mental health issues should be handled with empathy and given enough support to encourage others to seek medical help.

Secondly, the system can also be improved by maintaining privacy. The patients’ health conditions and the services offered to them should be kept private. The bioethical principles require the healthcare providers to handle the patients’ information with a lot of confidentiality. The mental healthcare service delivery centers should not be isolated from the rest of the healthcare services because such creates room for segregation (Grice et al., 2018).


Healthcare providers have an important role in encouraging people to seek mental healthcare services. The experiences of the nurses with the healthcare providers affect their willingness to seek medical healthcare services. Creating a friendly interaction between the nurses and the patients is one way of encouraging the population to seek mental healthcare services (Morgan et al., 2019). Also, the nurses should be able to identify the possible causes of mental health problems through their interactions and assessment of the patients. There are pertinent positives that will guide the nurses to identify patients with mental health issues and enroll them in treatment.

Most of the insurance covers do not have a package for mental health patients. The video indicates that the cost of treatment is the main reason why the insurance firms do not cover mental health cases. Such incidences compromise the quality of healthcare the patients receive. Advance nurse practitioners can help improve the situation by working out modalities that will improve the quality of service delivery and minimize the cost of treatment (Morgan et al., 2019). Unfortunately, some seriously ill patients get discharged from the hospital over the objections of the psychiatrists who warn that a patient may die. The doctors tend to deny the patients care because of the cost factors. Discharging such patients from the hospital is one way of killing them early. Therefore, the most important thing is to engage in evidence-based practices that will help reduce the cost of medication. Advanced nurse practitioners can engage in research and identify the factors contributing to the patient’s mental health issues and work to address them. The fact is that mental health patients require long-term care which may be costly for the insurance firms. However, through evidence-based practices and patients’ education, the healthcare providers may develop alternative and cost-effective methods of care delivery that will benefit the patients. Also, APRNs should focus on empowering the patients to be in charge of their health to reduce the level of dependence on the healthcare providers (Htay & Whitehead, 2021).

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In conclusion, many people are unwilling to seek mental healthcare services because of stigmatization. Workplace environments must be made safe for all employees regardless of their medical conditions. Also, patients’ data should be kept confidential. Creating awareness of mental health issues and the available solutions could also help in changing the perceptions of the employees on the health issue and increase their willingness to seek help. The nurses must be friendly to their patients and be able to identify cases of mental health during the health assessment. Besides, the APRNs have a significant role through translational research to develop better ways of handling mental health issues at a lower cost considering the challenges with insurance coverage.


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People with mental health conditions often fear workplace reprisals if they seek mental health care with employer-provided insurance. What kind of system changes can improve this situation? How can nurses be involved in getting more people who need attention into mental health care? Read the following 60 Minutes report (Links to an external site.) ( ) (you do not need to watch the video – scroll down to read). Given the insurance barriers and many other barriers to long-term mental health care, what can advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) do for patients and their families once they leave care?

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