Major Depressive Disorder – Scholarly Article Review Paper

Major Depressive Disorder – Scholarly Article Review Paper

Major Depressive Disorder – Scholarly Article Review

Every country requires a healthy and productive populace to develop. Unfortunately, health problems hamper productivity, with mental health disorders among the highly-impacting health conditions. Mental disorders reduce people’s productivity, lead to isolation, and ruin academic performance. Spending on mental health care reached as high as $225 billion in 2019 in the United States (National Alliance on Mental Illness, 2021). Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is among the mental health disorders profoundly impacting individuals, families, and societies. Mental health professionals should understand the condition from all dimensions to facilitate comprehensive care. The purpose of this paper is to review an article on MDD, concentrating on key findings, strengths, weaknesses, and relevance in practice.


Article’s Key Points: Summary and Significance

Mental health problems increase the illness burden in patients, families, and health care organizations. According to Bains and Abdijadid (2021), MDD ranked third in illness burden in 2008, and current projections show that it will rank first by 2030. In this case, it will be the leading illness burden in less than a decade. Bains and Abdijadid (2021) also analyzed the causes, prevalence, and management of MDD. The key observation is that MDD causes are multifactorial, including biological, environmental, and psychosocial causes. It has a lifetime prevalence of about 5-17%, with treatment/management depending on the severity. MDD can be treated through medications, lifestyle changes, or psychotherapy. Its rank as an illness burden and prevalence indicate that MDD is a significant mental health problem requiring more innovative management approaches.

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Major Depressive Disorder – Scholarly Article Review Paper

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Article Critique: Strengths and Weaknesses

The appropriateness of a research article in health practice is determined by an in-depth evaluation of its strengths and weaknesses. One of the article’s key strengths is the comprehensive analysis of MDD. Bains and Abdijadid (2021) provided relevant statistics on the illness burden, prevalence, and prognosis. Such statistics enables mental health care professionals to determine MDD’s ranking in terms of resource allocation, promoting and supporting evidence-based practice, and patient engagement levels. The second strength is a comprehensive analysis of the disorder. Bains and Abdijadid (2021) provided detailed information on the etiology, diagnosis, and treatment/management. Thirdly, the article provides a comprehensive analysis of how health outcomes can be improved through an interdisciplinary approach. Although the article is detailed and relevant in mental health practice, it has two main weaknesses. A close observation of treatment/management recommendations revealed that the article does not analyze the psychotherapy options like in medications for MDD treatment. It also relies on research as old as two decades.

Recommendation to Guide Practice

I would recommend this article to a colleague in the health care field or another profession. The in-depth analysis of MDD from multiple dimensions helps to understand MDD from different angles, including severity, practice implications, and what it means as a global health concern. The article also emphasizes the importance of an interdisciplinary approach in MDD management. It illustrates how to enhance health outcomes through coordinated care. Primary care physicians should work together with psychiatrists, nurses, and case managers to effectively and successfully treat MDD. Reading this article would enable my colleague to understand MDD from multiple dimensions and the importance of an interdisciplinary approach in illness management.


Comprehensive management of all diseases is crucial to improve recovery and overall patient care. The same case applies to mental health practice. The above scholarly article analyzed MDD comprehensively to provide adequate information regarding the disorder’s manifestation, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis, among other critical elements. The article also guides care providers on integrating an interdisciplinary approach in MDD treatment. Generally, it is a comprehensive article that mental health professionals should read.


Bains, N., &Abdijadid, S. (2021). Major Depressive Disorder.StartPearls [Internet].

National Alliance on Mental Illness. (2021). What you need to know about the cost and accessibility of mental health care in America.

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