Integration and System Functions Essay

Integration and System Functions Essay

Integration and System Functions Essay

The current health practice is largely data-centered, and information sharing across providers and departments has dominated healthcare delivery. In response to this development, healthcare organizations increasingly use healthcare information systems. Some are system-wide, while others are customized to serve specialty needs. The information systems should have the right product features that allow information sharing and management across settings to achieve the desired outcomes. The features vary depending on the key functions of an information software system, version, and capacity, among other features. This paper assesses three health information products- Epic EHR, Allscripts MyWay EMR, and Waiting Room Solutions. It focuses on the products’ capacity to support interoperability and basic integration standards as critical elements of functional health information systems.

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Epic EHR

Epic EHR is a cloud-based product primarily for hospitals and large practices. It contains a charting system with unique features, including medical templates, patient referrals, and history (Kimberling, 2021). The system’s database contains patient records besides supporting analytics and reporting functionality. It is among the systems with high interoperability and easy integration with other (third-party systems). The system’s open API (application programming interface) facilitates integration, while its cloud-based nature support interoperability since availability on many devices eases information sharing.

Allscripts MyWay EMR

Allscripts MyWay EMR software is designed for a small practice to enhance efficiency. The system’s top feature is supporting an integrated database that allows clinicians to share data seamlessly across practice (MicrobiomeMD, 2020). As a key interoperability feature, the system further allows adaptive learning, implying that it can be adjusted and customized according to the workflow’s patterns and preferences. The practice management solution is designed to meet a practice’s specific demands while providing essential features that a combined healthcare solution requires. The system offers clinical charting, patient follow-up and history functions, and ePrescibing options (MicrobiomeMD, 2020). Information can easily flow across the practice via Allscripts MyWay.

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Integration and System Functions Essay

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Waiting Room Solutions (WRS)

WRS offers different functionalities designed for specialties. It is a web-based system, implying that it allows continuous connectivity and is characterized by simplified management and minimal interfaces (Balgrosky, 2019). WRS features include scheduling, transcription, messaging, and order tracking. WRS also provides specialty templates with features and functionality that match the needs of a particular discipline. It is among the software solutions with unrivaled customization to allow physicians to chart quickly and charges to be automatically captured.


The analysis illustrates each product’s capacity, functionality, and special features. The most suitable product for a new healthcare information system is Epic EHR. Unlike Allscripts MyWay and WSR, Epic provides a standard range of essential EHR features and focuses on patient management (Kimberling, 2021). The patient portal and telehealth options are pivotal in patient management and should be the priority area for a new information system. Epic is also widely used across independent and multispecialty hospitals, and approximately 45% of the US population’s health records are preserved in an Epic system (Johns Hopkins Medicine, n.d.). Furthermore, it allows patients to access their records besides enabling healthcare providers to follow patients throughout practice’s multiple areas.


Healthcare organizations cannot effectively function without efficient information systems. However, they cannot achieve the desired performance without using the appropriate software solutions. The above preview analyzes the capacity and functionality of Epic EHR, Allscripts MyWay EMR and Waiting Room Solutions. Epic EHR seems to be the most suitable product for a new healthcare information system since it focuses more on patient management. Also, it is more oriented towards interoperability than Allscripts MyWay and WRS.


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Appendix 1: Comparison Table

Product Product Module and Functions
Epic EHR Cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) solution

Features/functions- patient portal, telehealth options (patient monitoring features)

Open API enables integration with third-party apps

Epic charting system- referrals, medical templates, etc.

Allscripts MyWay EMR Integrated solution (EMR and practice management)

Features- adaptive learning

Offers a single unified database (ease information sharing)

Modules- clinical charting, ePrescribing, patient follow-up and history, lab orders

Waiting Room Solutions (WRS) Web-based- connectivity anytime, simplified management

Minimal interfaces

Modules: scheduling, billing, order tracking, documents’ management, transcription, messaging.

Functions- provide cloud-based electronic medical record solutions

Week 2 Assignment: Integration and System Functions**

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Imagine that you are a project manager with a large hospital. You are responsible for facilitating the selection of a new healthcare information system. You are asked to preview the Epic EHR, Allscripts MyWay EMR, and Waiting Room Solutions demos.

Explore all of the product modules and functions, such as the user-friendliness (interface and ease of use), patient search functionality, release of information and retrieval, record tracking, web-based standards, internet and intranet use, regulatory requirements, etc.
Create a comparison table or matrix for the various functions.
In a 2-3 page paper, provide an assessment and explanation of how product features would or would not potentially support interoperability and basic integration standards.
Provide a recommendation for a new healthcare information system based on your assessment of each product.
Your paper should be in APA format.
Submit the comparison table and paper.

Waiting Room Solutions. Go to youtube and search “Waiting Room Solutions Demo” to view this product.
Allscripts MyWay EMR. Go to youtube and search “Allscripts Demo” to view this product.

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