Influencing Health Care Through Advocacy Paper

Influencing Health Care Through Advocacy Paper

Influencing Health Care Through Advocacy Paper

       Nursing practice dictates that the nurses play a patient advocacy role where they ensure that the patient’s welfare is protected. The nurses play this advocacy role through nursing advocacy groups such as the American Nurses Association (ANA) which lobby for the formulation of relevant healthcare policies and laws (Nsiah et al., 2019). The other option for nurses would be to engage as a political leaders to propose the Bills in legislative forums and lobby for the support of the Bills and enactment into healthcare laws. This assignment discusses the role that Representative Lois Capps has played in advocacy to improve healthcare delivery.

The representative was trained as a registered nurse who also managed to work as U.S. Representative from California for 19years between 1998 through 2017. In her 19years of service, her involvement in healthcare legislation stood out. She for instance founded and co-chaired that educated the legislators on the nursing issues and the role of nurses to influence how they legislate nursing healthcare policies. She also participated in the passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in Obama’s administration to ensure accessibility to quality healthcare services for individuals of low socioeconomic status.

Another outstanding legislation that she advanced was the Nurse Reinvestment Act (NRA) of 2002 which revised the Title VIII of the Public Health Service Act. Its proposal and enactment sought to address the nursing shortage resulting from the limited nursing workforce and increased healthcare demands (Lasater et al., 2021). It proposed increased training of nurses through the advancement of student loans and scholarships for nursing students, facilitated internship and residency, and continuous nursing promotion in their practice to promote their career advancement (Mlambo et al., 2021). The Act initiated a series of activities that aimed at solving the menace that is a nursing shortage. It, therefore, reaffirms the role of nurses in patient advocacy.


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Influencing Health Care Through Advocacy Paper

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Choose a legislator on the state or federal level who is also a nurse and discuss the importance of the legislator/nurse’s role as advocate for improving health care delivery. What specific bills has the legislator/nurse sponsored or supported that have influenced health care.

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