HIMA410-Week 3 Informatics Discussion Essay

HIMA410-Week 3 Informatics Discussion Essay

HIMA410-Week 3 Informatics Discussion Essay

Week 3 Informatics Discussion

The goal of a data developer or architect is to create data systems for computers that are accessible, useful and secure. Data architects analyze data and model databases for effective administration in healthcare organizations. They also create blueprints for the development of testing and maintenance of databases. Data architects visualize and design organization’s enterprise data management models aligned with the organization’s strategy and business architecture (Akhtar, 2018). These experts translate business requirements into technology requirements for organizations and define data principles and standards. An organization’s enterprise data management framework describes the processes used in planning, specifying, enabling, creating, acquiring, maintaining, archiving, retrieving and controlling as well as purging data (Azzopardi-Muscat et al., 2020). The implication is that the data architect’s role has changed from the traditional where they only design data frameworks to a much broader one that entails provision of standards, expression of strategic requirements and outlining high-level integrated designs aimed at meeting strategic business requirements an aligning with the enterprise strategy and business infrastructure and architecture.

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The rising importance and evolving role of enterprise architect and data architect means that these experts are an indispensable part of the overall healthcare environment and organizations as informatics become a critical part of overall quality care delivery. These analysts and developers has moved from the traditional role of designing and developing databases to more refined roles of creating certain standards and applications that meet overall organizational requirements (Colistra, 2018). The data architect holds a prominent role as the translator between business value and technical implementation. At the traditional level or role, data architects must be original problem-solvers who utilize a substantial amount of programming tools and techniques to innovate and create new solutions in the storage and management of data (Azzopardi-Muscat et al., 2020). The evolving roles implore data architects to collaborate with IT administrators to devise data strategies that meet industry demands and requirements. Therefore, the role of data architects continues to evolve to meet the dynamic business demands and organizational requirements.


Akhtar, S. M. F. (2018). Big Data Architect’s Handbook: A guide to building proficiency in tools

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HIMA410-Week 3 Informatics Discussion Essay

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            and systems used by leading big data experts. Packt Publishing Ltd.

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W3: Role of Data Architects

The traditional role of data architects has not changed. They are traditionally understood as professionals who help design, manage and improve database activities. However, the way in which data architect carry out those duties has evolved. Review the following resources on the role of data architects and discuss the relevance of today’s healthcare environment. How does the traditional role compare to responsibilities that they may have today?

Role of the Data Architect
The Rising Importance of the Enterprise Architect
The Evolving Role of the Data Architect

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