Health Assessment of the Young and Middle-Aged Adult Essay

Health Assessment of the Young and Middle-Aged Adult Essay

Health Assessment of the Young and Middle-Aged Adult Essay

Cultural competency is an important skill for every healthcare provider. The providers interact with patients from different backgrounds and so they must understand how to handle the patients better and provide them the best experience that will promote the healing process. Besides, the healthcare providers will be able to identify the unique needs of the patients (Falkner, 2018). The need vary based on the cultural group, generation age, and even socio-economic segmentation. Cultural conflicts affect the quality of care patients receive negatively. The purpose of this paper is to identify the unique culture of the 19-year old female college student who was admitted to the hospital for a fever and the healthcare support system available both at the community and national level for the cultural group.

Cultural Factors to Consider During Interview

The patient is a 19-year old female Arab-American. Some of the critical elements to remember during the interview include minimizing eye contact because the patient is most likely to be shy because of the age group. Alternatively, the cultural group tends to be more inquisitive. In this case, the patient is most likely to ask a lot of questions to understand what exactly is happening to her. Therefore, as a healthcare provider, one must be patient and positive about them. Creating a friendly environment during the interview may encourage the patient to be open and ask many questions (Kaihlanen et al., 2019). Arabs tends to shy off from unfriendly healthcare providers and so may not provide the required information for accurate diagnosis and clinical decision making. Furthermore, it is important to remember that the female patient may not be comfortable participating in the interview in a closed room with a male healthcare provider. It would be sensitive and reasonable enough to have an accompanying female nurse during the interview and assessment.


Healthcare Support System and Resources Available

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Health Assessment of the Young and Middle-Aged Adult Essay

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Understanding the unique cultural values and practices minimizes the possibility of the patients feeling offended in their interactions with the healthcare providers (Kaihlanen et al., 2019). A lot of resources help the healthcare providers and even the patients to maneuver through the cross-cultural challenges. For example, in the community, there are Arab American groups that provide resources such as English language training to the population group to help them communicate effectively with the healthcare providers when seeking help. Similarly, the healthcare facility has a program that promotes diversity and works to ensure that the healthcare providers can interact effectively with the patients. The facility offers training on cultural competencies and this is a significant resource at disposal.

At the national level, there are various support systems for Arab-Americans. The national organizations help the Arab-Americans to learn and get integrated into the American mainstream. Such measures reduce the incidences of cultural encounters among the population group. The Arab American Community and the Arab World understand the unique needs of the population groups and so work closely with the immigrants in giving them orientation and ways to navigate through the American system (Arab American Institute, 2020).


The healthcare provider must be sensitive to identify the needs of the 19-years old patient presenting with fever. First, they must understand that the patient is a youth and secondly, she is an Arab-American. Confidentiality must be upheld in the interaction and mutual respect observed. Furthermore, it may be necessary for the healthcare providers to inquire from the patients about the unique cultural values that they want to be observed.


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You are admitting a 19-year old female college student to the hospital for fevers. Using the patient information provided, choose a culture unfamiliar to you and describe what would be important to remember while you interview this patient. Discuss the health care support systems available in your community for someone of this culture. If no support systems are available in your community, identify a national resource.

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