HCI-690 Week 7 Discussion Assessment Paper

 HCI-690 Week 7 Discussion Assessment Paper

Discussion Question

The successful implementation of the proposed project will require inputs from project stakeholders and drivers. The project stakeholders will include registered nurses working in the emergency department, nurse leaders, managers, and information technology experts. Nurses working in the emergency department will be the direct users of the project interventions. They will provide insights into the effectiveness of the revised orders in enhancing safety, quality, and efficiency in the patient care processes in the unit. They will also provide insights into ineffective nursing orders that should be eliminated from the existing orders.

Nurse leaders and managers will oversee the project processes. They will lobby for organizational support for the project. They will also provide crucial information related to the nursing orders that should be revised in the department. Information technology experts will guide in the order revision and implementation in the department. The project drivers that are important in the project will include nurse managers, nurse informaticists, and information technology experts. The drivers will oversee the entire project initiative, including assessment, planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation (Viljoen, 2021).


The project manager will play a crucial role in the project implementation process. The manager will undertake roles that include planning, directing activities, and ensuring the timeliness of the project activities. The manager will also ensure resource efficiency in the project implementation process to achieve the desired outcomes. The manager will also ensure that the project remains within its scope during the implementation process. He/she will also coordinate project activities and address any potential barriers to its success. The project management office will ensure that the implementation process aligns with the developed processes (Ginevri & Trilling, 2018). It will also ensure the allocated resources are used efficiently to achieve the desired outcomes.


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 HCI-690 Week 7 Discussion Assessment Paper

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Ginevri, W., & Trilling, B. (2018). Project Management for Education: The Bridge to 21st Century Learning. Project Management Institute.

Viljoen, S. (2021). Project Management Planner 2022: Project Management Planner 2022 (large Size, 200 Pages). Independently Published.


Project management is the use of a set of skills allowing the project manager to lead a project and attain the goals set forth at the beginning of the project. This practicum course is organized so that learners may experience the steps required to effectively manage a project. Please review the videos found in the topic Resources before answering the following questions.

Discuss the stakeholders and project drivers important to your project and explain why they are needed. Explain the role of the project manager and the project management office for a large information technology project.

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