Formal Role of a Nurse in Leadership Essay

Formal Role of a Nurse in Leadership Essay

Formal Role of a Nurse in Leadership

            Besides providing safe, high-quality, and evidence-based clinical care, the registered nurse is expected to fill several leadership roles. Cherry and Jacob (2019) note that regardless of the leadership positions nurses hold, they are expected to promote quality improvement and patient safety, actively manage the process if change, promote evidence-based care, and make sound clinical decisions adhering to the legal, cost, ethical, quality, and safety aspects of care. Nurse leaders are out front, take risks, attempt to achieve shared goals, and inspire others into action. Formal roles of nurses in leadership include treatment planning, staffing, case management, scheduling, budgeting, discharge planning, developing educational plans, and mentoring.


Taking one of the roles, staff management, nurse leaders achieving this include the unit managers. They are in charge of a specific hospital unit’s daily activities and long-term goals. Essential responsibilities of unit managers involve developing and managing budgets, managing and supervising staff, communicating with patients, enhancing interprofessional collaboration, implementing policies, and overseeing teams. They also assist nurses in improving their performance in the context of their professional services through planning, organizing, controlling, and actuating (Patarru et al., 2020). The University of Texas at Arlington (2022) article asserts that nurses must have at least a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree with more than three years of experience to become unit managers.

For unit managers to be successful in their roles, they must have objectivity, clarity of thoughts, assertiveness, compassion, resilience, humility, hard-working, respect, and competence. These leadership traits are necessary because the nurse interacts with various individuals, all with different views, perceptions, and personalities. The unit manager has many roles that they must also achieve.


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Formal Role of a Nurse in Leadership Essay

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