Evaluating the Project’s Success – Practicum Task Paper

Evaluating the Project’s Success – Practicum Task Paper

 Evaluating the Project’s Success

Conducting the performance measure of a project is important in determining its success and reinforcing organizational improvement. These measures, such as the functional performance of a system, highlight the objectives that the project met and those that the project did not meet (Barchielli et al., 2022). The performance measures determine whether the informatics solution project supports the organization’s objective. The purpose of this assignment is to determine performance measures for an informatics solution in healthcare.

Performance Measures

Performance measures that will be used in this project is functional performance. The performance of the informatics solution will be determined by how much the redundant nursing orders are eliminated. These measures are important in examining their effect on reducing the workload on employees and the overall performance of the new system. However, the complexity and the need to achieve these performance measures rely on good management skills that would derive resources towards meeting its value (Barchielli et al., 2022). Functional performance would aid in collecting more information on the adaptability of the new system among employees. For instance, conducting a survey among employees on their operational and interoperability with the new system is aids in gauging the overall functional performance of the system. The collaboration of all project stakeholders is significant in defining the proposed success.

The Performance Measure in Determining Whether the Project is Meeting Organizational Objectives.

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Evaluating the Project’s Success – Practicum Task Paper

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The performance measures aid in identifying the effectiveness of the technology to the end-users. For instance, the proposed solution needs to have the ability to allow the users to track and view performance data in real-time (Barchielli et al., 2022). Besides, the solution needs to provide notifications to the end-users when threshold performance is met. The users need to gain the ability to identify issues within the organization and develop corrective action before the risks affect the organization’s normal operation.

Tools to Evaluate Success of a Project

The scope is one of the tools that aid in evaluating the success of a project. Scope defines the intended result of a project and the deliverables that the project was to meet. Examining the achievement of scope will show objectives that were met and those that were not met. The budget is another tool used to examine a project’s success (Schmutz et al., 2019). The ability to deliver the project within the considered budget is an indicator of success. These tools are important in allowing the project team to engage in better planning as it would affect the delivery of the project objectives.


Strategies for Implementing Performance

In the project of EHR documentation, the performance reviews from the nurses will be important in observing the impact of the project in meeting the objectives of the organization. For instance, undertaking a nurse and patient survey after three months of implementation of the project will provide the real-time effect of the project within the organization (Gartner & Lemaire, 2022). The interest in the surveys will rely on how users interact with the new system and communication improvement between patients and nurses. The end-users, who are the nurses, will be the main point of interest in evaluating the effectiveness of the system in the organization.

Reasons Why a Project may Not meet Performance Measures

The first potential barrier to the utilization of performance measures comes from leaders who mistake measurement for management. While many leaders would view performance measures as a measurement exercise, they do not realize that it is all about feedback (Schmutz et al., 2019). Effective utilization of performance is about the things that aid in improving performance. Secondly, poor measures taken to receive feedback from the clients would limit the organization from capturing the feeling and perceptions of the clients. A system that provides quantitative and qualitative data on employees’ perceptions would be effective in determining gaps within the performance of a program in an organization.

Mitigation Plan

Solving the above issues that might limit the success of a project starts with the management of an organization. The management needs to structure a system that allows employees to express their feelings about a program (Schmutz et al., 2019). Inclusion of all stakeholders using the EHR in the implementation process would be important in allowing each member to give their perfection about the project on the factors that would aid in its success. Besides, management needs to conduct benchmark activities in other institutions to learn effective means of utilizing performance measures.


Measurement of performance of implemented informatics solution is key in determining how best the objectives were met. However,  such efforts often faces barriers such as ineffective leadership and a poor feedback data system. Examining the success of the informatics solution project starts with the end-users and the management to meet the needs of the end-users. The performance is to be determined by how much the nursing orders are aligned and the rendundant ones eliminated.


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you will determine performance measures for your proposed informatics solution. You will refer to these performance measures and their criteria for all subsequent assignments.

No matter what your practicum project entails, performance measurement is required to validate the success of your project. If you will not be present when the performance measurement is conducted, develop a plan that can be used for stakeholders at your practicum organization.

For those who may question if performance measurement is needed for your project, below is an example of performance measurement in an informatics education project:

The project relates to a data integrity challenge and includes investigation of the reasons and possible solutions for inadequate clinical documentation for signs and symptoms of a disease process. The informatics learner developed an EHR template to be used by providers that will improve clinical documentation and data integrity. To determine if the solution was effective, after the stakeholders are trained and the informatics solution is implemented, the informatics learner/stakeholder can audit a group of 25 or more clinical records to determine if clinical documentation improved as compared to clinical documentation before the solution was implemented.

Measuring performance provides evidence for how well an organization’s system is currently working and the degree of success it has when changes are applied. In 500-750 words, determine the performance measures that will be used to evaluate whether the proposed informatics solution meets the specified goals for the project and the organization and describe how these will be implemented.

Meet with your mentor and any appropriate stakeholders to review the performance measures. Ensure that the performance measures and their implementation are relevant to the proposed solution and appropriate for the organization.

Include the following:

Develop the performance measures for the project. Describe what these are and what they are intended to measure. In addition to the project’s implementation, effectiveness, and functionality, consider measurements for how well the plan was executed, the cost/cost components (if relevant), schedule variables, and scope.
Evaluate how the performance measures will also determine whether the proposed project is meeting the organizational objectives.
Compare and contrast two or three industry tools and methodologies that could be used to evaluate the success of the project’s implementation. Provide rationale for the tools and methodologies selected.
Develop the strategies for implementing performance measures to evaluate the project. Explain how and when the performance measures will be implemented throughout the project.
Assess the reasons why the proposed project may not meet the performance measures. In what circumstances would the proposed project not meet the organizational objectives?
Create a mitigation plan and discuss how it will be implemented if the project improvement outcomes do not meet performance measures or organizational objectives.

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