Dissemination Strategies Discussion Essay

Dissemination Strategies Discussion Essay

Dissemination Strategies Discussion Essay

Delivering Effective Presentation

Presentations are mainly used for explaining a project, including the products and all the processes that have been followed by the audience or evaluators. In most cases, presentations are used to complement the project documentation, product demo, and other approaches used to elaborate different forms of information in the project. Through presentations, audiences are able to ask specific questions on the spot and get clarifications. One of the main reasons for making a presentation is to convince different organizations of funding and other necessary support required for the success of the entire project (Dolan, 2017). In an educational setup, presentation is essential in disseminating knowledge and understanding different subjects. Presenters are required and take some of the best approaches to ensure that audience is able to understand and appreciate different aspects of the project. The purpose of this paper is to determine approaches and procedures that make the presentation effective.

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What Makes an Oral Presentation Effective

Making the presentation effective should involve showing passion and connecting to the audience. The author should consider highlighting some of the main points in the project that resonates with the audience. Some of this information may include clearly elaborating the project’s objectives and the possible outcomes. Also, while starting the presentation process, there is the need for the author or presenter to give an enticing introduction and summary that reveals the goals of the entire project; this will keep the audience developing more interest and encourage them to participate by asking questions (Eapen, 2020). For project evaluators, a complete and short introductory slide will provide the basis for evaluating the entire project.

Keeping the entire process of presentation simple and concentrating on the core message or the main objective of the research project. The presentation should involve the delivery of the core message surrounding the project. In every presentation, the author should make adequate preparation and ensure that all the possible questions surrounding the core message are addressed. The message should, however, be clear and brief; some experts recommend a thirty-second elevator summary that attracts the attention of the audience and everyone else involved in the dissemination of information. Irrespective of the chosen method, the main thing to keep in mind is to keep the core message brief and focused. Starting strong by grabbing the audience’s attention and holding it is another effective approach in the project presentation.

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Dissemination Strategies Discussion Essay

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In the research project, there are different forms of information. This information is obtained from research processes undertaken within a given period. However, the entire information cannot be incorporated into a presentation (Mathias, 2020). Therefore, one of the best practices to make an effective presentation is to ensure a summary of the main points in the project. Making summaries should involve adherence to the research questions of the goals of the research.

How Might Presentation Approaches Vary For an Academic Presentation versus a Practice-Based Presentation?

The oral presentation approaches may vary for academic and practice-based presentations. The practice-based presentation should involve adherence to the practices that would ensure the attraction of different audiences interested in the project. In other words, the practice-based presentation should consider factors that are important to the evaluator. Finally, the practice-based presentation should involve incorporating data with trends and elaborate information that can attract funding. For academic presentation, the focus should be on the knowledge or the educative ideas that may earn points to the learners. Also, there is the need for the incorporation of the essential information necessary in the academic evaluation processes. However, in both cases, the main ideas should be stated clearly and briefly.


The presentation is mainly used for explaining the project, including the products and all the processes that have been followed by the audience or evaluators. Making the presentation effective should involve showing passion and connecting to the audience. The main ideas should be presented clearly and briefly to attract the audiences’ attention.


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Post a cohesive response that addresses the following:
Share two or more insights related to presentation approaches and explain how this information may be used to promote the delivery of an effective project presentation. Be sure to note any considerations related to the intended audience that are important.

To prepare:

For this discussion, consider what makes an oral presentation effective. How might presentation approaches vary for an academic presentation versus a practice-based presentation?

Review various forms of disseminating the findings of an evidence-based project, as well as strategies for delivering effective presentations in this week’s Learning Resources.
If applicable, reflect on your experiences practicing with colleagues in a small group and presenting in other professional or academic situations. Conduct additional research as necessary to enhance your awareness of what makes a presentation most effective.
Consider how the needs or dispositions of the intended audience may inform your presentation.

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