Discussions Working with Yan Ping Paper

SOC 449 Week 1 Discussions Working with Yan Ping Paper GCU

Discussions Working with Yan Ping Paper

Access and view the “Working with Yan Ping” video located in the Topic 1 folder in MindTap. After you view the video, complete the following: Discussions Working with Yan Ping Paper

In your response, explain the following from the video:

  • Presented problem
  • Identified problem
  • Social Phenomena present
  • Cultural issues introduced
  • What might be a possible solution to the identified problem using practice theories and interventions? Social work requires ethical and professional behavior. Explain if the social worker in this video displayed ethical behavior. Provide an example of both: ethical and professional behavior Discussions Working with Yan Ping Paper.

Read the case example on page 25 in Chapter 2 of the textbook. Identify the phases of the helping process in this particular case study.  Explain if the case worker followed the helping process sufficiently or if an element within a phase was missing.  What were the different approaches between the two social workers and why? Discussions Working with Yan Ping Paper


SOC 449 Week 1 Social Phenomena Sample Essay

A social phenomenon can be defined as behavior that influences or is influenced by a client. When dealing with a client it is important to understand their behavior and why they are behaving like that. In this essay, the social phenomenons apparent in the video, “Home for the Holidays” will be explained.

As well as theories a social worker needs to be familiar with in order to help a client in their situation. This essay will also include the ways a social worker can use the theories to help the client work through their social phenomena and identify the appropriate principles that align with ethical practice in the video “Home for the Holidays”. Discussions Working with Yan Ping Paper

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Discussions Working with Yan Ping Paper

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Social Phenomenons that were apparent and presented to the social worker, in this case, were the couple trying to figure out where they should spend the holidays at. Ana doesn’t feel comfortable at Jackie’s house because she feels Jackie’s family isn’t as welcome of the fact they are gay. Ana asks why should she have to compromise herself for Jackie’s family.

Jackie’s behavior towards going home is a little selfish because she doesn’t want her family to kick her out because she is gay. However, Ana is trying to explain to Jackie that if she talks to her family about being gay they are more likely to be more open to the idea of them as a couple Discussions Working with Yan Ping Paper.

A social worker should be familiar with the psychosocial theory, systems theory, Pargament’s theory of religious coping, and lastly be comfortable with the ecological systems model. The psychosocial theory, “focuses on the ways that individuals are shaped by and react to their social environment” (Campbellsville, 2019).

This theory can help the client work through their social phenomenas by showing them the social environment is having a negative or positive effect on their behavior and how they are being shaped. An example from the video can be when Jackie is talking about the environment she grew up in and Ana points out how she is so much like her family.

She is like her family because she grew up surrounded by them. Systems theory, “states that behavior is influenced by a variety of factors that work together as a system” (Campbellsville, 2019). This theory can be used by the social worker to figure out the factors that are working together to influence the client’s behavior Discussions Working with Yan Ping Paper.

Pargament’s theory of religious coping may be another theory a social worker should be familiar with as it might help people who are dealing with tough issues find their answers in religion. This theory has five major functions, “to discover meaning, to garner control, to acquire comfort by virtue of closeness to God, to achieve closeness with others and to transform life” (Xi, 2016).

Lastly, it may be helpful for a social worker to understand a client’s ecological systems model. This model makes, “a close conceptual fit with the “person-in-environment” perspective that dominated social work…” (Hepworth, Rooney, Rooney, & Strom-Godfried, 2016) Discussions Working with Yan Ping Paper. By using the ecological systems model the social worker will be able to understand the client’s background and their surrounding environment.

The NASW Code of Ethics, “is intended to serve as a guide to the everyday professional conduct of social workers” (NASW, 2020). There are six values in the NASW Code of Ethics which include, service, social justice, dignity and worth of a person, importance of human relationship, integrity and, competence.

In this video “Home for the Holidays”, the principles that align with ethical practice in this case study include service, social justice, the importance of human relationship, and integrity. The first service is important in this case because a social worker’s primary goal is to help people in need and address any social problems they are dealing with.

Next social justice is important in this case because the couple is part of a discriminated group. This case also aligns with the principle of the importance of human relationships Discussions Working with Yan Ping Paper. The couple was sacrificing their relationship for other relationships, causing a weak relationship between Ana and Jackie.

The social worker was able to see that and thought of ways to help make their relationship stronger. Lastly, integrity, the social worker behaved in a trustworthy manner and communicated openly to the clients about what would and wouldn’t be shared.

Social workers need to be able to identify how social contractions influence a client’s life. Each client will have different ways of expressing social phenomenas happening in their life and it is important to understand their behavior and why they are behaving like that.

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