Discussion Question 4.1 Assignment

 Discussion Question 4.1 Assignment

 Discussion Question 4.1 Assignment

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) (2019) asserts that high reliability organizations (HROs) enhance patient safety due to their focus on zero errors in their processes and activities. These entities operate in complex and hazardous domains for longer periods but do not record serious accidents or detrimental failures (Veazie et al., 2019). These organizations have five critical elements that include preoccupation with failure, deference to expertise, valuing and practicing resilience, unwillingness to simply operations, and highly sensitive to their operations (Cantu et al., 2020). For instance, preoccupation with failure implies that these entities consider near misses as chances to better and improve their safety measures while practicing resilience allows them to prioritize emergency training for unpredictable events or occurrences. Nuclear power plants and aviation industry are considered as the best examples of industries that have embraced and used the concept of HRO.

High reliability organizations (HROs) have a positive correlation with safety and quality based on their operational principles. Firstly, these organizations make efforts to minimize or prevent the occurrence of any mistakes or errors in their industry despite the complex nature of such establishments (AHRQ, (2019). These organizations main focus is to improve safety and quality in their operations despite operating in high complex and delicate industries. Therefore, they ensure that their complex operations do not harm any people because of a catastrophic event.


Nurse administrator can use effective approaches like instituting change to allow their organization become a HRO through minimizing hazardous events. The nurse administrator should engage other leaders and subordinates to attain a buy-in because implementing the model is complex and needs collaboration and a common goal and approach for better execution (Cantu et al., 2020). The nurse administrator should focus on the need to enhance safety and quality by reducing the susceptibility to adverse events in his or her quest to implement the elements that define high reliability organizations.


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 Discussion Question 4.1 Assignment

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Please respond to each question individually
3.1. Discuss the purpose of conducting an organizational needs assessment. What needs have you identified in your clinical/practicum setting? What tools did you utilize to determine that need? What will the focus of your project be?
4.1. Describe the elements necessary in creating a high-reliability organization (HRO)? How are HROs and safety and quality related? What approach can the nurse administrator use to execute those elements in an organization?


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