Disaster Preparedness Essay

Disaster Preparedness Essay

Disaster Preparedness Essay

Disaster is any catastrophic incident that always results in massive damage and destruction. Irrespective of the cause of the disasters, the outcome is always shocking on property and people (Kennedy et al., 2021). The level of preparedness is one of the significant responses that would trigger the fast recovery of lives and people. Nurses form the larger group of the healthcare team tasked with the role of responding to disasters.

Role and Responsibilities of Nurses in Relation to Disaster

The nurses have the role of educating the community on the health care response that each member in the community needs to have in preparedness for the disaster. Cuyahoga County is prone to widespread thunderstorms and hurricanes that always cause damage to properties and lives. Ohio State has been on the national map as a county with a high likelihood of facing a hurricane. In response to the increased chances of disaster in the county, nurses have a major role in the management of disasters because disasters always affect health care services (Oetzel & Oh, 2021). The occurrence of disaster in the community leads to damage, ecological disruption, loss of human life, and disruption of healthcare services on a large scale.


Preparation within My Community

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Disaster Preparedness Essay

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My community has been facing natural hurricane, floods and strong winds for long in the past. The current intervention taken by the government has been effective in increasing the level of preparedness. The structural design of building a home in the community has been changed in the recent past (Peterson et al., 2022). The materials and design of the building are meant to be strong enough to resist mild earthquakes and floods. The healthcare organizations within the community have also been effective in training the community on effective ways of preventing and managing infections that come with floods. Disaster prepared levels have heightened in the recent past within Ohio county. The role of nurses has been important in training the community on effective measures to curb some of the health problems caused by disasters.


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This discussion board is aligned with the module objective “Explain the role and responsibilities of nurses in relation to disasters.” As part of the discussion you will:
Describe the role and responsibilities or a nurse in relation to disaster.
How is your community prepared to handle a natural disaster? ( My community; Cuyahoga county, Ohio)

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