Capstone Project Change Proposal presentation Plan Essay

Capstone Project Change Proposal presentation Plan Essay


Sustaining the proposed evidence-based practice project in the organization is important to promote the health and wellbeing of pregnant mothers at risk and those affected by post-partum depression. However, some barriers may hinder the realization of this objective. One of the barriers that may prevent the evidence-based practice change proposal from continuing to obtain the desired result 6 months to a year from now is the lack of institutional support. The hospital should provide continuous support in the forms of human resources, materials, and financial support. It should also promote the adoption of policies that underpin the success of the change initiative. The healthcare providers should receive regular feedback about the effectiveness of the change process. A lack of the above support will hinder project sustainability (Dang et al., 2021). Therefore, strategies that include aligning the evidence-based practice project with the organizational goals and objectives and ensuring resource efficiency will be adopted to overcome this barrier.


The second barrier that may affect the sustainability of the evidence-based practice change initiative is the lack of support from the healthcare providers. The sustainability of the change initiative depends largely on its consistent use by healthcare providers in caring for their patients. However, issues that include inconsistent use in practice and lack of provider exploration on how to improve change effectiveness may affect the sustainability efforts. Factors, including lack of motivation, ineffective leadership, and lack of trust may hinder the sustainability efforts for the change initiative. Consequently, strategies that include the provision of regular feedback to the healthcare providers about the change initiative will be adopted to address this barrier (Dang & Dearholt, 2018). In addition, staff will be rewarded for their contributions to the success of the change initiative.


Dang, D., & Dearholt, S. (2018). Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-based Practice: Model and Guidelines.Sigma Theta Tau International.

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Capstone Project Change Proposal presentation Plan Essay

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Dang, D., Dearholt, S. L., Bissett, K., Ascenzi, J., & Whalen, M. (2021).Johns Hopkins Evidence-Based Practice for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals: Model and Guidelines, Fourth Edition. Sigma Theta Tau.

Sustaining change can be difficult, as there are many variables that can affect implementation. One critical component of EBP is to ensure that practice change is part of an organization’s culture so it will continue to impact outcomes over time. Name two potential barriers that may prevent your EBP change proposal from continuing to obtain the same desired results 6 months to a year from now, and your strategies for overcoming these barriers.

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